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Teuffel (pronounced toy-fel) Guitars is a very unique German guitar company who build some of the most distinctive and quirky instruments you’re ever likely to see.  This boutique brand’s guitars could easily be classed as fine art and are generally favoured by more experimental musicians.

Teuffel produces a small range of boutique guitars, and one of them – the Tesla – is available in a left handed version. The Tesla comes in a few different design variations.

Teuffel Tesla Left Handed Guitars

Teuffel Left Handed Tesla Guitars Lefty

The Tesla is very much a guitar for those musicians who prefer to err on the more experimental side of music creation.  Teuffel wanted to create a modern guitar which paid homage to the days of old where guitars would emit uunwanted sounds due to technical flaws.

Through the Tesla you can recreate the sound of feedback from a pickup which hasn’t been wax-potted yet, or the hum that might arise from a loose solder joint.  The guitar features a variety of buttons, which when activated will recreate those sounds which were so prominent in times gone by.

The Tesla comes in a Classic version which includes the ‘noise buttons’, a Studio edition which ditches the buttons in favour of an extra pickup, a Midi version, and also a 7-string model.

See the Teuffel website for full specifications and option lists.

For more information:
Teuffel Guitars Website

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