Left Handed Washburn Guitars

Looking for left handed Washburn guitars? Well, you might be out of luck!

The reason? While most guitar other guitar brands have been steadily increasing their ranges of lefty models, Washburn seems to be doing the exact opposite.

Washburn Guitars was founded in 1883 in Chicago, Illinois by George Washburn Lyon. The company is best known for its guitars, however, they do also produce banjos, mandolins, resonators, and various musical instrument accessories.

Washburn is currently controlled by U.S. Music Corp. This company also owns or distributes a number of well-known brands such as Digitech, Randall Amps, Hamer, and Oscar Schmidt.

Did you know? Washburn introduced what is considered by many to be the world’s first dreadnought acoustic guitar – the Lakeside Jumbo –  in 1912!

Left Handed Washburn Guitars

Does Washburn Make Left Handed Guitars?

At the time of writing, Washburn does not currently offer any left handed guitars or basses. The last lefty offered by the brand was the now-discontinued HD10SLH acoustic, a model that can still be found in select retailers.

In the past, a wide range of lefty Washburn guitars has been available. As a result, you may still be able to find a number of southpaw guitars on the used market.

The image below shows a small selection of lefty Washburns that were offered in previous years.

left handed washburn guitars

I did contact Washburn customer support in the hopes that there had been some small oversight on their website. I mean, it does seem very odd that in this day and age, a brand as sizeable as Washburn doesn’t offer a single lefty instrument.

Unfortunately, they did confirm that the company is currently sans lefties. So, fingers crossed they decide to recitfy this in the near future!

Luckily, you’ll find hundreds of alternative guitars by visiting our left handed guitar database!

Washburn Website

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