Squier : Left Handed Guitars & Basses

Squier Left Handed Guitars 2020

Looking for a left handed Squier guitar or bass, but not sure which models are available this year? Take a read through this article for a quick summary of the entire left handed Squier guitar range!

101 Christmas Gift Ideas For Guitarists

Christmas Gift Ideas for Guitarists

Having trouble finding the perfect present for your musician friends (or for yourself!) – look no further. Here are 101 killer holiday gift ideas for guitarists! From the super useful to the ultra novelty, we’ve got you covered!

Epiphone : Left Handed Guitars

Epiphone Left Handed Guitars

Check out the current 2021 range of Epiphone left handed guitars and experience the iconic Gibson Les Paul and SG at a fraction of the price.

Left Handed Guitars For Children – 3/4 Sized Models

Three Quarter Left Handed Guitars Kids

Looking for a 3/4 sized left handed guitar for your child to begin learning with? This guide is for you! You’ll find excellent examples of left handed acoustic, bass, classical and electric guitars which are ideal for younger players.

Left Handed Banjo : Beginner Buyer Guide

Left Handed Banjo Guide

Looking for your first left handed banjo? Awesome! The banjo is an immensely satisfying instrument to play, and mastering it will give you many, many years of pleasure and enjoyment. Let’s get started…