15 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Guitar Players

Christmas Gifts For Guitar Players

Looking for the best Christmas gifts for guitar players? In this guide, you’ll find killer guitarist Christmas gifts that your recipient will actually use!

There are so many of these lists on the internet, so why did I feel the need to create another? Well, I’m guessing that by stumbling across this guide you are a non-guitarist trying to figure out the ideal gift for your musician friend or relative, right?

For me, the issue with these other guides is that the majority of them are stuffed full of random products that actually would be a very personal purchase for most guitarists. I mean, how on earth would you know if your recipient needs another overdrive pedal, or what type of new acoustic guitar they might like? To the non-guitarist, most of these lists are just minefields of potential dud gifts.

So, in this guide, I have listed only the best gifts with universal appeal that I would personally be happy to receive myself as a guitar player. For the most part, you should be able to pick any of the gift ideas on this page and be met with a big smile on Christmas morning.

Best Christmas Gifts For Guitar Players

Disclaimer: If you decide to purchase one of my Christmas gifts for guitar players using the links on this page I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

1. Truefire Online Lessons

TrueFire Guitar Lessons

Give the gift of knowledge with a year’s subscription to the internet’s number-one online guitar lesson site – TrueFire! With courses and tutorials for all tastes that are taught by some of the world’s top guitarists, this is one of those guitarist Christmas gifts that simply cannot go wrong.

Grab a year’s subscription to give your recipient access to all 80,000+ courses and lessons. Simply add the yearly sub to your basket and make sure to hit the ‘Send As Gift’ button before checking out. Keep it a surprise by adding your own email into the recipient box. This way, the code will be emailed to you and you can simply print it out and include it in their card.

Or, if you can’t quite stretch to a subscription, a TrueFire e-gift card will let them choose a few products they’re interested in specifically. With lessons starting from as little as $5, a gift certificate will go a long way!

2. Positive Grid Spark GO

Positive Grid Spark GO

Positive Grid’s new Spark GO is a tiny battery-powered 5-watt guitar amp, Bluetooth speaker, and recording interface all rolled into one neatly packaged product. It’s an ideal guitarist Xmas gift as it can be used whilst playing guitar, and can also become a regular Bluetooth speaker that the whole family can enjoy.

The amp connects your phone via Bluetooth to give access to over 50,000 custom tones, effects and presets, plus millions of songs and backing tracks. The rechargeable battery will keep you going for 8 hours, and you can even practice in silence via headphones.

Check it out on Amazon, or get it direct from Positive Grid where it’s often on sale!

3. Fender Mustang Micro

Fender Mustang Micro

A simpler alternative to the Spark GO would be the excellent Mustang Micro from Fender. This little guitar gadget is a plug-and-play device, with no need for an additional app. The Mustang Micro plugs directly into your guitar and allows for silent practice through headphones for up to 4 hours via its rechargeable battery.

It features 12 different amp models and effects, EQ adjustment, and a volume dial – nice and simple! Stream music to the device via Bluetooth, or you can even use it as a USB-C recording device. Just be aware that if you’re a left-handed guitarist like me, the controls might be upside down depending on your guitar model. Not a huge deal!

Click here for the best price, or keep browsing for more top Christmas gifts for guitar players.

4. Guitar Store Gift Card

Guitar Store Gift Card

I get it, as a non-musician it can be difficult trying to decide whether or not your recipient will actually get use out of your gift. So, why not take the guesswork out of the equation with the classic gift card from their favorite music store?

Physical cards are available if you’d rather hand over something tangible. Or, if time is running short you can also buy an instant code that can be emailed or included inside a card.

For a safe bet, why not grab a Guitar Center gift card? With nearly 300 store locations across the USA, there’s sure to be one located near your recipient. If not, the cards can also be redeemed online.

5. Guitar Magazine Subscription

Guitar Magazine Subscription

In a similar vein to a gift card, a magazine subscription is a fairly safe bet that pretty much any guitarist will love. A year’s supply is the practical gift for guitar players that keeps on giving, and can be ordered either as a print magazine or as a digital download sent to your recipient’s device.

Often described as being the ‘National Geographic of guitar magazines‘, Fretboard Journal is the pinnacle of musician periodicals. It ships quarterly in order to focus on quality, is printed on premium paper, features very few ads, and has the most in-depth stories and journalism. Any guitarist would be proud to display this gorgeous magazine on their coffee table. Gift a subscription here.

A subscription to Guitar World would also be a great gift idea for most as this magazine covers a wide variety of topics including the latest guitar and music news, reviews, and lessons.

6. Premium Earplugs

Guitarist Ear Plugs

Musicians are four times more likely to suffer from hearing loss as a result of exposure to loud music. A set of quality earplugs will filter out any harmful noises to help ensure that your recipient doesn’t become a part of that statistic.

A great choice would be the Music Safe Pro set from Alpine. These hypoallergenic earplugs are relatively inexpensive and can be used up to 100 times before needing to be replaced. Three different filters are provided to offer differing levels of protection depending on the situation.

They also come with a carrying case, wearable cord, plus a cleaning spray to keep the plugs in good condition. Click here for the best price.

7. Guitar Care Kit

Guitar Care Kit

Next up in this list of guitarist gift ideas is one that could actually save your recipient a good amount of cash in the long run!

A guitar needs regular adjustments to stay in tip-top playing condition. This process (called a guitar setup) is often carried out by a professional guitar technician. This will generally cost between $60 and $100 each time.

Music Nomad’s excellent Ultimate At Home Guitar Workstation will give them the tools needed to work on and maintain their guitar at home. In addition, the kit is supplied with all of the cleaning compounds needed to keep their instrument conditioned and polished.

For a simpler package, consider Music Nomad’s Complete Cleaning Kit. This little gift bundle includes cleaning and polishing compounds for guitar finishes, fretboard conditioner, plus 2 microfiber cloths. No guitarist would turn their nose up at this!

8. Gig Bag

christmas gift ideas for guitar players - Gig Bags!

A hard case is probably not the safest choice as certain guitar shapes tend to require specific hard case designs. A better bet would be a premium gig bag as, for the most part, any acoustic or electric guitar will fit in any acoustic or electric guitar gig bag.

This could be a great choice if your giftee is currently carrying around their axe in one of those cheap and flimsy nylon bags that come bundled with many beginner guitars.

My favorite premium gig bag is the Mono M80. This is an ultra-high-quality design that features waterproofing, impact protection, and even built-in neck support. Check out the M80 for Acoustics or the M80 for Electric Guitars.

9. Exotic Picks

Timber Tones Guitar Picks

Your guitarist friend or relative will most likely have a specific style of pick that they prefer to use. However, that’s not to say that you cannot gift them a pick-related gift that they will love.

Timber Tones makes premium guitar picks crafted from a variety of exotic materials including wood, bone, horn, metal, and minerals. Gift tins are available which would be ideal Christmas gifts for guitar players.

These products are all winners as they’re all quite unusual compared to the run-of-the-mill picks that most guitarists will own. Each of the various materials will give different tonal qualities, allowing for a lot of experimentation.

10. Guitarist Gift Ideas – Guitar Stand

Xmas Gift Guitar Stands

A guitar needs a safe place to stay when not in use. Upgrade that crummy cheapo stand to a more premium affair to make sure it’s in the best and most sturdy hands possible!

For a popular, but still affordable option, take a look at the Hercules GS414B. This stand features a height-adjustable neck to suit any instrument and uses a special foam rubber to ensure that the delicate finish on more expensive guitars isn’t damaged. The built-in locking system automatically closes when the guitar is placed in the stand, keeping it even more safe and secure.

Hercules also offers variations of this stand that can accommodate 2, or even 3 guitars at the same time. You can also consider a rack that will hold even more. An ideal guitarist Christmas gift for those with large guitar collections.

11. Guitar Humidifer

Guitar Lover Gifts - Humidifier

At this time of year, the relative humidity tends to drop to levels that can be harmful to a guitar. At these lower levels, the woods in an instrument will begin to dry out and shrink. The result is all sorts of nasty playability issues.

While not the most glamorous of Christmas gifts for guitar players, a humidity control system could potentially save a lot of money and heartache in the long term.

An inexpensive option would be something like D’Addario’s Humidipak System. For use with acoustic or electric guitars, this product maintains the perfect relative humidity levels inside a guitar case or gig bag. Refill pouches are inexpensive and last for up to 4 months each.

12. G7th Capo

G7th Guitar Capo

A capo is a really handy guitar gadget that enables players to easily shift to different keys. Most guitarists will own a cheap spring-operated trigger capo. These are fine but don’t offer much in the way of pressure control and don’t exert even pressure across all strings.

For a more premium experience, gift the guitar player in your life a G7th Performance Capo. This is the capo I use personally, and it truly is a little marvel of engineering.

Simply place it on the neck and squeeze it to the desired pressure. It adapts to any guitar neck, ensuring perfect pressure distribution for an ultra-clear tone. They’ll be the envy of all their musician mates with this precision-engineered beauty.

13. Guitar Player Gifts – Books

Guitarist Christmas Gifts

Who doesn’t love a good book? For a guitarist, you might look into books about repair and maintenance, how to get the perfect tone, or even how to build your own guitar. There are a ton of different options here!

Check out this list of a few of my favorites for some inspiration.

Or, why not get them the biography of their favorite musician? Check out my guide to the top guitarist biography books for a solid list of excellent choices.

14. Rocksmith+ Game

Gifts For Guitarists - Rocksmith+ Lessons

Why learn to play guitar from a crusty old tutor when you can do it in a video game and make it a ton of fun?

Ubisoft’s Rocksmith+ is a subscription-based interactive guitar tuition service that teaches everything from instrument maintenance to your favorite songs, and music theory. It’s suitable for beginners as well as more experienced players. Being game-based, it really injects a ton of fun into the learning experience.

Rocksmith+ is for electric, acoustic, and bass guitar, and runs on either PC, Android, or iOS. To use the software players can connect via a proprietary cable, or can also use their mobile phone’s microphone.

15. Headstock Guitar Tuner

Guitar Player Gifts - TC Electronic Polytune Clip

A clip-on headstock tuner is a handy little gizmo that clips onto the headstock of a guitar for a quick and easy way to get the instrument in tune. Many will tune via a microphone. However, the best models will work via vibration, ensuring that the player can get to perfect pitch no matter how noisy the environment is.

Currently, my favorite is the TC Electronic Polytune Clip. It’s a pricey beast for sure, but it’s definitely a case of, you get what you pay for, here.

This stunningly well-made piece of kit features 3 different tuning modes. In chromatic mode, it will tune each string one at a time. In polytune mode, you can strum all strings at once and tune them all at the same time.

Finally, we have the ultra-precise strobe mode, which claims an accuracy of an unbelievable +/- 0.02 cents. Most other clip-on guitar tuners come nowhere close to this level of accuracy!

More Guitarist Christmas Gifts

If this list of the best Christmas gifts for guitar players didn’t quite strike the right chord with you (badum tish!), fear not! Here are a couple of additional articles you can check out for further inspiration.

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Guitarist Stocking Fillers

If you’re looking for a handful of cheap guitarist Christmas gifts, then why not consider one or two of these quick ideas?

  • String Winder
  • String Cutter
  • Guitar Tab Book
  • Guitar Slide
  • Cables
  • Pick Holder
  • Quality Guitar Strap

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