45 Crazy Guitar Gadgets You NEED To Try!

Cool Guitar Gadgets

Guitar gadgets can be incredibly handy, game-changing, creativity-inducing, gimmicky, completely bizarre, or all of the above!

The internet is awash with crazy musical devices claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread. But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

In this article, we’ll look at 45 cool guitar gadgets that’ll either have you wondering how you’ve managed to get by without them, or in some cases why they even exist at all.

Where appropriate, I’ve linked a demonstration video for the products that I felt I couldn’t adequately describe in a few sentences.

Guitar Gadgets

1. Pickaso Guitar Bow

Made specifically for acoustic guitars and basses, the Pickaso guitar bow lets you imitate the sound of a violin or cello!

It features synthetic hair on both sides of the bow for a variety of sounds, plus it even has a regular pick built-in to allow you to easily switch between playstyles.

2. Chordinero Creative Capo

The Chordinero takes the idea of a regular guitar capo, but then ramps things up a notch by letting you set any chord shape as your open strings! It essentially does the same job as having 6 separate single-string capos on each string.

There are so many different ways to use this device to add creativity to your playing – it’s like having a third hand! Check out the video above for an overview of what this guitar gadget can achieve.

3. D’Addario O-Port Acoustic Sound Enhancer

D'Addario O-Port

The D’Addario O-Port is a simple device that slots into the soundhole on your acoustic guitar or bass.

Once in place, the O-Port enhances volume, clarity, and projection to give a much fuller sound. In addition, D’Addario claims that this acoustic guitar gadget will help to prevent feedback on acoustic electric guitars.

4. D’Addario Screeching Halt Feedback Reducer

D'Addario Screeching Halt Feedback Reducer

If you are finding it tricky to control feedback when playing through an electro-acoustic guitar, then this simple utensil could be just the ticket.

Simply pop it into your guitar’s soundhole and you should be able to play at a much higher volume sans feedback. It won’t enhance your acoustic tone like the O-Port above, but it is one-third of the price if feedback elimination is your only goal!

5. Guitar Triller

The Guitar Triller is a quirky device that came to life through a Kickstarter campaign. It aims to open up a whole new world of sounds by producing a rapid ripple of note strikes.

It is used in a somewhat similar manner to how a dulcimer hammer would be utilized. As such, there will be a learning curve involved before you can truly master all of the potential sounds the device is capable of. Unless you already play the dulcimer!

6. Drop Guitar Strap Adjuster

Drop Guitar Strap Adjuster

We’re not just focusing on guitar gizmos that alter the sound of your guitar! Drop is a clever device that attaches to your current guitar strap. Once in place, it will allow you to adjust the length of your strap on the fly.

Simply push the button, re-adjust the height of your guitar, and you’re good to go! Ideal for those tricky solos where you need to go from a badass low-slung position to a higher more ergonomic location.

7. The Harpad

Don’t have the space to take your regular guitar as well as your 12-string to gigs? The Harpad may just be the quirky accessory for you!

Simply clamp the Harpad to your regular 6-string guitar to immediately convert it to a 12-string. Now you can have all of the jangly Richie Sambora moments that your heart could desire!

8. Virtual Jeff Digital Whammy Bar

Fed up with your electric guitar going out of tune when using the trem bar? The Virtual Jeff is the world’s first digital whammy bar system.

No holes are required, you can place it in any position you’d like, there’s less wear and tear on your strings, and best of all, no tuning issues! This cool guitar gadget will even work on your acoustic or bass guitar.

9. EBow


A quirky guitar gizmo that has been around for many years now is the EBow (or Energy Bow) from Heet Sound Products.

Simply hold the battery-powered device close to the strings to create infinite sustain. This allows guitar players to somewhat mimic the sounds of string, horn, and woodwind instruments.

10. Hammer Jammer

The Hammer Jammer is a key-hammering device that offers a unique method for striking notes on your guitar.

The guitar gadget sits over your strings at the bridge position. Pressing each of the 6 buttons will cause their corresponding hammers to hit the strings, producing a very unique and percussive sound.

11. The Passerelle Bridge

The koto is the national instrument of Japan, and has an instantly recognizable sound. The Passerelle Bridge aims to mimic that sound and give your acoustic guitar a flavor of the Far East.

The video above gives a great demonstration of the available sounds, and even makes use of a pair of Guitar Trillers (mentioned at the beginning of this list).

12. Chord Buddy

Chord Buddy

The Chord Buddy is marketed as a device that helps new guitarists to start playing quicker. The gizmo clamps onto the guitar neck and allows players to play full chords whilst only pressing one button. Each button corresponds to a single common chord – G, D, C, and E minor.

The idea is that it allows new players to focus on strumming, enabling them to comfortably play music before they learn to fret and develop finger calluses.

13. Spider Capo Partial Capo

Spider Capo Partial Capo

Like the Chordinero above, the Spider Capo is a universal capo that allows players to effectively place a capo on each individual string.

This opens up a whole new world of unique tunings and even allows the player to fret notes behind the capo if you have left certain strings open. Learn more about this plus all other styles of capo in my in-depth capo guide.

14. Flatter

The Flatter is marketed as an inexpensive way of temporarily converting your guitar or bass into a fretless instrument.

Simply insert the device on top of your fretboard (no modifications required) to quickly create a fret-free experience. As the Flatter is transparent you can easily see the frets for easy fingerboard navigation.

15. Guitar-Jo

Continuing the theme of making your guitar sound like a different instrument – how about a banjo?

The Guitar-Jo mounts to your guitar’s body and aims to emulate that banjo twang by lightly dampening each string. Definitely one of the most niche guitar gadgets on this list!

16. Submarine Pickup

Submarine Guitar Pickup

The Submarine Pickup is a half-sized electric guitar pickup that will cover up to three strings at one time. The device is held in place by a micro-suction pad, no modifications are required!

The Submarine pickup isolates the sound from the strings you have placed it under. So, for example, you might want to try using an overdrive pedal on your high strings whilst leaving the lower strings clean. Explore endless possibilities for new sounds!

17. Guitar Wing

Turn your electric guitar into a MIDI controller with the Guitar Wing from Livid. This MIDI control surface is designed for both guitar and bass, and communicates wirelessly with your computer or USB-MIDI host.

Use it to manipulate effects parameters on the fly, or even to control your preferred DAW software whilst recording. Check out the video above for a great demonstration of what it can do.

18. Plectone Double-Strike Picks

Plectone Double-Strike Picks

Inspired by flamenco strumming techniques, the Plectone takes two guitar picks and sandwiches them together for a richer and unique sound.

Double the pick. Double the sound! Well, that’s Plectone’s marketing slogan anywho – you be the judge of these cool guitar gadgets!

19. Gizmotron

With a name like Gizmotron, how could I not include this in the list? It is a mechanical bowing device that offers endless sustain, violin, and cello-esque sounds, plus the ability to bow polyphonic chord arrangements.

The device uses small wheels that rotate next to the strings that the player can operate by pressing one of the six buttons. The buttons are touch-sensitive, allowing the guitarist to accurately control the attack, sustain, and timbre of each note or chord.

20. Soundbrenner Core Smartwatch

Soundbrenner Core Watch

The world’s first smartwatch designed specifically for musicians! In addition to the usual smartwatch features, the Soundbrenner Core also consists of a vibrating metronome, a chromatic tuner, and a decibel meter.

With vibrations seven times more powerful than most other smartwatches, the Soundbrenner Core lets you feel the feat and free your ears.

21. Hipshot String Bending System

String benders are generally fairly complicated guitar gadgets that are permanently attached to your instrument and require specialist tools to install.

With their new system, Hipshot has removed the need to make scary alterations to your guitar. In addition, they have added extra levers to allow for more than just the usual B-string bends to take place.

22. Roadie 3 Automatic Tuner

A robot tuner that tunes your guitar for you? Yes, please! Simply place the Roadie 3 on your guitar’s tuning peg, pick the string, and the device will rotate the tuning pegs until perfect pitch is reached.

It can also be used as a string winder, plus there is a vibrating metronome that’ll let you feel the beat rather than hear it. You can read my Roadie 3 review if you’d like to find out more.

23. Soundbrenner Genki Wave Ring

Soundbrenner Genki Wave

Another innovative product from Soundbrenner is the Genki Wave Ring. This is a MIDI-equipped ring that allows you to control sounds and parameters using only gestures with your hand.

Each gesture can be assigned a custom function such as controlling your DAW, changing effect parameters, or even triggering sample sounds. Personalize your effects and revolutionize the way that you create music.

24. D’Addario Guitar Dock

D'Addario Guitar Dock

Have you ever watched in slow-motion horror as your guitar starts to slide off the table you’ve just leaned it up against? Turn any table (or any flat-edged surface) into a sturdy guitar stand with the D’Addario Guitar Dock.

Simply attach these guitar gadgets to your table using the adjustable clamp. It won’t hold the weight of your guitar, but it will prevent those terrifying falls and potential broken necks!

25. Schlagwerk SamJam

Percussive acoustic guitar players will love the Schlagwerk SamJam, aka ‘the guitar snare’. When attached to your instrument, this guitar gadget will give you a snare sound similar to what you’d hear from a cajon.

Different veneers are available to match your particular guitar, plus it attaches easily without needing to make any permanent modifications to your instrument.

26. GruvGear FretWraps

GruvGear FretWraps

A simple gadget, but one that should be in every guitar player’s arsenal! Eliminate any unwanted string noise by sliding a GruvGear FretWrap onto your neck.

Perfect for those sessions where you need a little extra help muting to get those squeaky clean takes. Particularly handy for nailing those complex two-hand tapping monster licks!

27. ZVEX Candella Vibrophase

Created for fans of the 19th century, the ZVEX Candella Vibrophase is the world’s first candle-powered guitar effect. Running on a single tealight, this incredible work of art will be a guaranteed conversation starter at your next gig!

Entirely impractical, and wildly expensive at around $7500, this unique pedal is definitely a guitar gadget for the player that already has it all!

28. Perfect Pinch Callus Builder

Perfect Pinch Callus Builder

According to the CEO of Fender, the number one reason that people give up on guitar is due to pain from a lack of calluses, plus low finger strength.

Perfect Pinch aims to solve these two issues by allowing you to build calluses and finger strength without the need for your guitar. The device simulates the feeling of guitar strings, and is available in two tensions depending on how tough you are!

29. Jellifish Pick

Jellifish Pick

The Jellifish Pick has been described in not one, not two, but three YouTube review videos as being ‘the worst guitar product ever made’. So, you just know you’ve got to try it, right?!

The pick surface is made up of 18 wound guitar strings side-by-side, and cut at an angle. The manufacturer claims you can use it to create new percussive effects, emulate a 12-string guitar, add shimmer to your sound, and make chords sound more fluid. It’s only $10, you be the judge!

30. EverTune Bridge

EverTune Bridge

Available as standard on a small number of stock electric guitars, or as a retrofit kit, the EverTune Bridge is a mechanical bridge system that will keep your instrument in perfect pitch whatever the conditions.

Once the bridge is set up to your desired tuning, your guitar will stay in tune no matter how many extreme bends you throw at it. Similarly, it will also prevent the guitar from going out of tune due to the effects of temperature and humidity.

31. Wedgie Pick Holder

Wedgie Pick Holder

An ultra-cheap, but also ultra-useful guitar gadget is the Wedgie pick holder. This simple little device ‘wedges’ in between the strings on your headstock where it will handily hold a couple of spare picks in case you accidentally drop one on stage.

32. Stage Ninja Retractable Cables

Stage Ninja Retractable Guitar Cables

One cable to rule them all! The Stage Ninja INS-26-S is a 20-foot (6-meter) retractable instrument cable system that will allow you to always have the optimum length of cable wherever you are.

Simply pull the cable to the desired length, and when finished, give it another tug and it’ll automatically retract back into the housing. It should also prevent other musicians from accidentally taking your cables after the gig is over.

33. Stage Ninja Guitar Roadie

Stage Ninja Guitar Roadie

Carry two guitar cases with one hand! Save yourself an extra trip at your next gig with the Stage Ninja Guitar Roadie.

These simple guitar gadgets are made from durable ABS plastic and slots under the carrying handles of a guitar bag or case. Another winner from Stage Ninja!

34. Ibanez Multi-Tool

Ibanez MTZ11 Guitar Multi-Tool

Containing almost every tool you could ever need to keep your guitar in tip-top playing condition, a multi-tool such as the Ibanez MTZ11 is something every guitarist should own.

It features several hex wrenches (Allen keys), a tube spanner, screwdrivers, and even a handy ruler for measuring string action. Why pay for a guitar setup when you can do it yourself?

35. Black Mountain Slide Ring

Black Mountain Slide Ring

Okay, slide guitarists, this one’s for you! The Slide Ring can be worn at all times whilst playing to allow you to switch between regular playing and slide techniques on the fly.

Obviously, it won’t replace a bona fide slide, however, it is a great tool to easily add some tasty single-string slide flavorings to your playing.

36. Black Mountain Thumb Picks

Black Mountain Thumb Picks

The first thumb pick in the world to feature a spring for a more comfortable fit and increased durability!

These well-designed guitar gadgets are ideal for those who love to switch between playing with fingers and playing with the pick.

37. EZ-Fret


The EZ-Fret is a similar idea to the Chord Buddy above in that it lets you play chords without actually touching the strings. The difference is that instead of being able to press one button to sound a chord, you need to finger the whole chord as normal – via buttons…

Instead of being marketed towards new players like the Chord Buddy, it is aimed at guitar players that for whatever reason can’t get past the point of having sore fingers whilst playing.

38. Ernie Ball Power Peg

Ernie Ball Power Peg

Why waste your life slooowly turning your tuners during a restring when you can do it in seconds with the Ernie Ball Power Peg?

Essentially a low-powered drill with a specialized tuning peg attachment, the Power Peg will save you hours over your guitar-playing career!

39. EMG Hex Driver

EMG Hex Driver

The most affordable guitar gizmo on this list, but also one of the most useful! Forever solve the issue of loose output jacks and volume knobs with this handy little accessory.

One side perfectly fits the hex nut on your guitar’s output jack, and the other is designed for the nuts on your volume and tone knobs.

40. ToneWoodAmp

The ToneWoodAmp is a clever device that attaches to the back of your electro-acoustic guitar. It then uses your guitar’s own body and soundhole to create a range of effects without needing an amp or additional equipment.

The included effects are reverb, delay, chorus, auto-wah, overdrive, and tremolo. One of the more useful acoustic guitar gadgets currently available!

41. Fret Zealot

Fret Zealot is an innovative guitar learning system that combines LEDs on your fretboard with an app on your phone. Watch the lessons in the app and the fret LEDs will show you exactly where to put your fingers.

Of course, if you aren’t a beginner, you can also use the system to dazzle your audience with incredible light shows at your next gig!

42. Pykmax


Sloppy picking technique? The Pykmax will help you improve your picking by forcing you to hold the plectrum in the optimum position. Simply place your pick of choice into the device and away you go.

This could also be a potential solution to prevent accidentally dropping picks, or for those with hand and/or finger mobility issues.

43. Guitar Sidekick

Guitar Sidekick

Mount your phone to your guitar’s neck with the handy Guitar Sidekick. You can then follow along with tutorials, control any Bluetooth connected devices, or watch Seinfeld re-runs whilst you hammer out those boring speed exercises.

Or, just read those important notifications as they come in.

44. TaylorSense Guitar Health Monitoring System

Monitor the health of your guitar from your phone! Taylor’s TaylorSense system will alert you when temperature or humidity levels could be damaging your guitar, and notify you when impacts occur.

Pair this with a guitar humidifier for extra safety! A guitar humidifer makes sure that moisture levels are maintained at optimum levels to avoid damage.

45. String Butler

String Butler

The 3-string-per-side headstock design on electric guitars such as Les Pauls looks cool, but comes at the expense of the center strings needing to travel at a sharp angle from the nut to the tuners. This can potentially lead to tuning issues depending on your play style.

The good news is that the String Butler is here to solve that issue – phew! Without the need for any drilling, this cool guitar gadget lets your strings move freely in a straight line through the nut.

More Cool Guitar Gadgets

If this huge list of gizmos didn’t satisfy your appetite for guitar gadgets, why not check out my compendium of Gift Ideas For Guitar Players next?

Here, you’ll find over 100 more guitar accessories from the ultra-useful to the insanely niche and crazy!

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