Mensinger Custom Guitar Build Process & Photos

As many of you are probably aware, the guys over at Mensinger Guitars in Poland are currently building me my very own left handed Arcadia model. 

The luthiers have very kindly agreed to take some photos of the guitar as it is being built, and I thought it would make an interesting post to show the process as the guitar progresses from the initial stages all the way through to completion.

Ordering A Custom Mensinger Guitar

So what did I actually order? If you have read the Mensinger articles you would have noticed that they actively encourage you to use the standard models as a starting point and then create your dream guitar from there – so I did! My guitar will be a standard Arcadia with the following changes…

  • Left Handed (duh!)
  • Bound Ebony Fingerboard
  • Dot inlays rather than the custom 12th fret inlay
  • White body binding top and bottom
  • Transparent Red finish with matching headstock
  • All black hardware
  • Haussel Tozz B (Bridge), Haussel Vin + (Neck) pickups
  • Narrow C-shaped neck

Here’s an image I sent Mensinger that shows roughly what I was looking for. I Photoshopped this myself so the final article might vary very slightly.

Mensinger Left Handed Arcadia Custom Guitar Build

I ordered the guitar through the main dealer in Germany (Public Peace) and was quoted six weeks in total for the build. As Musik Messe is just around the corner they are very busy however, so we will see if they manage to stay on target! 

Adrian, the owner of Public Peace is fantastic and generally replies to most emails within an hour. Even late at night during the weekends! If you would like to enquire about ordering a Mensinger guitar I absolutely recommend getting in touch with him.

A payment of 50% of the final cost was required to begin the build. Once complete I will be sent photos of the finished guitar and the final payment will be made.

Guitar Build Photos

I recently received the first batch of photos which show the beginning stages of preparing the body wood and also preparing and shaping the headstock.


I trust that you will enjoy watching the progress of this guitar as much as I will.  Hopefully I will have some guitar shaped photos for you in the next update.

If you’d like to see a little more behind the scenes at Mensinger, Public Peace has uploaded a fantastic factory tour video on their YouTube channel.

For more information:
Mensinger Guitars Website
Public Peace Website

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