Fender Introduces Ambidextrous Guitar – The Ambicaster

As left handed guitarists we’ve all been in that frustrating situation where we’d love to try out someone else’s guitar, but can’t because it’s the wrong way around.

Well it would seem that the good people over at Fender have come up with an innovative solution to our problem, because they’ve only gone and designed an AMBIDEXTROUS GUITAR!

The new American Professional Ambicaster is both a right handed and a left handed guitar, all rolled up into one tidy package. What a bloody genius idea! If every guitarist would keep one of these in their home, the world would be a much less discriminatory place.

Fender American Professional Ambicaster

Fender Ambidextrous Guitar April Fools Joke

This innovative design is completely symmetrical, allowing both left and right handed players to share the same guitar. Centrally located volume/tone and 5-way selector switches operate both sides of the guitar simultaneously, eliminating the need for separate controls.

Two tremolo bars are provided for true ambidextrous play, however Fender recommends removing whichever one is not in use to avoid it getting in the way.

  • Bodies : Alder
  • Necks : Maple
  • Fretboards : Maple or Rosewood
  • Pickups : 6 Standard Single-Coils
  • Bridges : 2-Point Synchronized Tremolos with Pop-In Trem Arms
  • Case/Bag : Fender Extra Wide Hardcase
  • Colors : Arctic White, Black, 3-Color Sunburst, Candy Apple Red, Lake Placid Blue

I know what you’re thinking – it only has a single jack – how do you stop the bottom section from destroying your ears with horrendous feedback? Well Fender has been making guitars since 1946 you know, did you really think they’d overlook that? The volume pot is a push/pull number, allowing you to select which side is active. Hooray!

Fender Ambicaster – the world’s only non-discriminatory guitar. Available in stores soon – pricing to be confirmed.

For more information:
Fender Website

April 2022 Update

Fender has now released an entire RANGE of guitars for both left and right handed players that they have called the Equality Series.

You can find out more about the Equality Series here.

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