New Fender Equality Series

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The New Fender Equality Series

Guitars For Left AND Right Handed Players

Introducing the brand new Fender Equality Series!

Imagine a world without discrimination. A world where you can walk into a guitar store and play any instrument. A world where no one will tell you that your left handed guitar looks ‘wrong’. A world where your guitar doesn’t cost 10% more than everyone else’s. It’s a world we all want to live in. And now we can, thanks to the legends at Fender!

April Fools Guitar

This exciting new range of guitars from Fender aims to end the divide by offering guitars that everyone can play.

But how? This exciting and innovative new line of guitars is able to be played by both left and right handed players.

Symmetrical Bass Design

Symmetrical Guitars

Regular LeftyFretz readers will remember Fender’s not so successful foray into the world of ambidextrous guitars, when they released the Ambicaster back in 2019. Although it was a valiant attempt, it was generally felt that the Ambicaster was a little too bulky and cumbersome for regular play. It was essentially two separate guitars sandwiched together after all!

However with the Equality Series, Fender has tried (successfully I might add!) to resolve this issue. They have achieved this feat through the innovative use of clever symmetrical design practices.

Ambidextrous Guitar Design

The end result is a line of almost completely symmetrical guitars which weigh no more than a single left or right handed guitar. Mind = Blown!

Each model features identical hardware on either side of the guitar, allowing for either left or right handed play after a simple restring. Note that the guitars will come strung right handed from the factory, but a set of left handed strings are also included within the case candy.

Symmetrical Guitar Design

In total there are 5 different Equality Series models based on Fender’s most popular guitars – the Stratocaster, the Telecaster, the Mustang, the Precision Bass, and the Jazz Bass.

Fender has informed me that as long as the range is popular (and why wouldn’t it be?!), they will expand the line with additional symmetrical guitars further down the line.

Guitars With Symmetry

This truly is a range of guitars for everyone.

The new limited edition Fender Equality Series is available to order exclusively at today only, starting at just $5997. Unfortunately due to dealer regulations we cannot ship outside the UK. Terms and conditions apply*.

For more information:
Fender Website

P.S April Fools! But you got that, right?

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