Is This The First EVER Left Handed Fender Telecaster?

Could this guitar be the first ever left handed Fender Telecaster to be made?

I’ll admit than i’m not too knowledgeable when it comes to vintage guitars, but musical instrument expert appraiser Lawrence Cavalieri certainly seems to think so.

The First Ever Left Handed Telecaster

The video below shows a recent episode of the Antique’s Roadshow in which a gentleman brings along his father’s left handed Tele for an appraisal.  The owner believed the guitar to be a 1956 or ’57 model, but it turns out it was actually made in 1951 and could potentially be the first ever left handed Telecaster!

The Price is Right?

Before you watch the video, why not have a guess at what you think this piece of history might be worth.  FYI – the guitar is all original, missing the selector switch tip, and pretty well worn. It looks as though the original case may have gone A.W.O.L as well. What do you think?

Here’s the video – see how well you fared. Interesting viewing for all guitar enthusiasts!

How did you do? Is it crazy that I thought it would be worth more? I wonder what it would fetch if the guitar was in better condition!

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