Gibson : Left Handed Guitars and Basses 2014

UPDATE : Gibson Are Making Lefties Again!

Exciting news! After a three year drought, Gibson USA are once again making left handed guitars. Click here to get a sneak peek at the new range of lefties.


Gibson have been going from strength to strength over the past few years in terms of supporting their left handed customer base. I’m sure you’ve all seen their new 2014 models by now – but which are available left handed? Well…all of them.

You heard me right – every single 2014 Gibson USA guitar and bass is available left handed, in every single finish.  How many guitars is that? 123 by my count!

To put this into perspective here is a quick image I’ve put together – click to enlarge!

That's A LOT of new guitars!

I say a ‘quick image’ … it took me an entire week to cut out and convert all of these guitars to lefties. Gibson put in the effort this year, so I felt that I should reciprocate.

Because the number of guitars is so large I have provided a link to each model on the Gibson website rather than clogging up the page with endless lists of specifications.  This list is correct as of January 2014 but expect availability to change as we progress through the year and guitars are discontinued.

Gibson USA Left Handed Guitars 2014

Gibson Left Handed Guitars 2014

1. SG Derek Trucks
2. Firebird
3. Les Paul Classic
4. Les Paul Futura
5. Les Paul Melody Maker
6. Les Paul Peace
7. Les Paul Signature
8. Les Paul Standard
9. Les Paul Standard Plus
10. Les Paul Standard Premium Quilt
11. Les Paul Studio
12. Les Paul Studio Pro
13. Les Paul Traditional
14. LPJ
15. LPM
16. SG Futura
17. SGJ
18. SGM
19. SG Special
20. SG Standard

Gibson USA Left Handed Bass Guitars 2014

Gibson Left Handed Bass Guitars 2014

1. EB Bass 4
2. EB Bass 5
3. Midtown Signature
4. SG Special Bass
5. SG Standard Bass
6. Thunderbird

UPDATE MARCH 2014: Despite Gibson informing us at the start of the year that all USA models would be available in a southpaw version, this now appears not to be the case.  Gibson seems to have completely turned the tables and may not produce any lefty models at all for 2014. Incredibly disappointing news.

Check out the new link at the top of this page to see the current left handed Gibson range instead!

Left Handed Gibson Custom Shop Guitars

If you’re feeling flush, the world famous Gibson Custom Shop will be able to build you an absolutely stunning guitar or bass.

Gibson Website

In theory the Gibson website should be excellent for southpaw customers as they do have have a left-handed section.  However the company doesn’t seem too interested in keeping this section updated and as a result all of the new models are currently missing.  Gibson have also updated their site layout and now include very few details about the guitars on the product pages.  The older site design always mentioned when left handed options were available, but this is sadly missing from the new redesign.  As a result you could be forgiven for thinking that none of the 2014 range is available left handed.  Definitely an area that the company needs to work on – it’s great that they are being so lefty friendly this year, but they’re not doing a great job of telling anyone about it!

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