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Founded in 2011 by Grover Jackson (formerly of Jackson Guitars and Jackson/Charvel fame) and Jon Gold (former VP International Sales for Fender), GJ2 Guitars manufactures superior-quality electric guitars from its facility in Laguna Hills, California.

GJ2 guitars currently offers its entire of range of guitars in left handed guise at no extra charge.  The current range includes four different models which are available in different configurations and various quality levels.

GJ2 Left Handed Guitars

Left Handed Guitars GJ2 by Grove Jackson

1. Zora 5-Star
2. Zora 4-Star
3. Concorde 5-Star
4. Concorde 4-Star
5. Glendora NLT
6. Glendora Floyd Rose
7. Arete 5-Star
8. Arete 4-Star
9. Arete 3-Star
10. Arete 7-String


Zora is a design that Grover has had on the drawing board for some time but it has been refined with real-life professional guitarist input from Tom Dumont of the multimillion-selling band No Doubt.

The fingerboards are rosewood or ebony and come with either dots or GJ2’s Zora art deco inlays.


This is the guitar that people have been requesting from GJ2 since the world heard that Grover Jackson was making guitars again. Harking back to Grover’s original collaboration with Randy Rhoads, this guitar is the ultimate incarnation of the shark’s fin shape that sparked Randy’s imagination.


Back when Grover started building and “hot rodding” guitars, he was creating greatly improved versions of some of the most popular, but then fading, instruments of the day. Originally, the shop was in San Dimas, California, but soon moved across the road into the City of Glendora.

It is in honor of the true home of Grover’s beginnings as one of the world’s greatest guitar innovators that GJ2 have named their new line of bolt-on neck instruments “Glendora”.


The Arete model is available in a player’s choice of premium tone-woods such as mahogany, rosewood, walnut, korina, and (a surprise for many) all basswood.

The Arete’s standard pickup configuration is the dual humbucker set-up. The guitar is available in either hand-rubbed oil or gloss finishes depending on the particular body wood used. GJ2’s oil-finished guitars have a rich glow that will wear-in beautifully to a fine patina. Their gloss guitars feature a glassy, but thin finish that is both resilient and tonally vibrant.

The fingerboards are rosewood or ebony and come with either “clay” dots, “mini bull’s eye” pearl dots, or our striking “Infinity” inlays. All Arete guitars include Habanero pickups as standard. The Arete 3-Star uses Sapele (African Mahogany) wood and Pearloid inlays.

GJ2 Guitars Website

The GJ2 website makes no mention of left-handed availability, so a big thanks to our buddy Vic over at Lefty Guitars Only for filling us in.

For more information:
GJ2 Guitars Website

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