Lakewood : Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Lakewood Guitars is a German guitar company founded in 1986 by owner Martin Seeliger.  The company specialises in producing beautfiful hand-crafted acoustic guitars for musicians all over the world.

As with many other brands who concentrate on acoustic instruments, Lakewood are another fantastic company who produce all of their guitars in a left handed version.  When I got in touch with Lakewood they did have a few left handed guitars in stock, but expect to special order if you decide to take the plunge.

There are far too many guitars to display in a single article so I have given a brief overview of the main ranges from Lakewood below.  I counted 44 different guitars in total and that doesn’t even include country specific options.  There is a sample image for each series but keep in mind that you will find far more guitars and options on the Lakewood website!  Let’s take a look…

Lakewood Natural Series Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Lakewood Natural Series Left Handed Acoustic Guitars Lefty

Precious woods, pure and untreated, display their natural beauty in the most direct path from the material to the eye of the beholder, reduced to the absolute basics. No more, but no less either, since every guitar in the Natural Series is built to the same high standards of guitar artistry shared by all Lakewood instruments. The language of form allows the materials to speak for themselves. Each instrument is made up of finely tuned elements – a series where less is definitely more.

Lakewood Deluxe Series Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Lakewood Deluxe Series Left Handed Acoustic Guitars Lefty

The traditional Lakewood body shapes interpreted in a classic wood selection of spruce and rosewood. The carefully considered construction of these guitars guarantees a big and transparent sound that really projects. The various body shapes of the instruments that make up the Deluxe series offer subtle varieties of sound that lend themselves to different styles of playing from fingerpicking to bluegrass. The luxurious finishes speak to the senses. Fine woods and mother-of-pearl inlays and high-gloss varnished soundboards set the tone for this series.

Lakewood Premium Series Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Lakewood Premium Series Left Handed Acoustic Guitars Lefty

When exquisite ingredients meet expert sound-design, works of art are the result. Each individual guitar reflects the dedication of the Lakewood craftsmen and their efforts to create an instrument of lasting value. Rare woods, unique design elements blended with classically-simple understatement combine with outstanding quality of sound. These instruments stand out from the crowd without being unattainable. Serious involvement with one of these guitars can lead to a lifelong relationship.

Lakewood UK Series Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Lakewood UK Series Left Handed Acoustic Guitars Lefty

The UK range of guitars is a special series of models which are exclusive to the United Kingdom.. These special guitars come with different woods and a subtle beauty. Handcrafted in Germany.

Other Models

Depending on where you live you may find that Lakewood offer a few extra models.  For example, the German site lists a signature model for well-known guitarist Ulli Bögershausen and the Japanese site has a signature model for Peter Finger as well as another exclusive in the ‘New Century’ series.  Take a look at the different websites to find out more.

Lakewood Website

As long as you aren’t using the Google Chrome browser the website is great, however if you are using Chrome (as I am) – the website is broken!  They do seem to be aware of this problem though.  Unfortunately there is also no mention anywhere on site of which guitars are available left handed, so I had to contact the company to obtain these details.  It’s a quick and simple addition, but one that is unfortunately overlooked by so many companies.

For more information:
Lakewood Guitars Website

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