YOU Made This New Lefty Fender Happen!

Left Handed Fender HSS Stratocaster

So, this is pretty cool. Fender has produced a limited run of left-handed Stratocasters that exist solely as a result of all of you awesome LeftyFretz readers!

You may remember that just before covid hit back in 2021 I ran a series of surveys aimed at deducing what lefty Fender guitars and basses you would like to see released next.

If you’d like to see all of the end votes, you can read the electric guitar results here, or the bass guitar results here.

I collated all of the votes and took them to the purchasing team at the guitar retailer I work for, and they decided to make one of them happen! Now, roughly 2.5 years later the guitars are finally here!

Fender Player Stratocaster HSS Left Handed

One of the top choices from the Fender survey was a Player Stratocaster in Lake Placid Blue with an HSS pickup configuration. And this is the guitar that we decided to opt for!

Say hello to the new FSR left handed Fender Player Stratocaster HSS in Lake Placid Blue!

Left Handed Fender Player Stratocaster Blue

In the 13 years that LeftyFretz has been running, I have never witnessed Fender offering an HSS left-handed Stratocaster (unless you count Squier). So, this is something a little different from what we usually have available to us.

The versatile HSS setup equips this guitar for a wide range of musical styles, from modern high gain to classic surf and country. The neck and middle Alnico 5 single-coils deliver all the quack, spank, and sparkle you’d expect from a Strat. Behind them, the medium-gain Alnico II humbucker adds chunk to rhythms and sizzle to leads.

For those not in the know, the Player Series is the most affordable range of electric guitars offered by Fender. These are aimed at guitarists looking to take their playing to the next level whilst still providing incredible value.

The guitar is specced the same as the right-handed Player Strats. That is, an alder body matched to a modern C profile maple neck and a 22-fret pau ferro fingerboard. Other features include a 2-point synchronized tremolo, Player series Alnico pickups, and a synthetic bone nut.

Fender Player Strat HSS
  • Body : Alder
  • Neck : Maple (Modern C)
  • Fretboard : Pau Ferro
  • Pickups : Player Series Alnico 2 Humbucker/Alnico 5 Single Coils
  • Bridge : 2-Point Synchronized Tremolo
  • Finishes : Lake Placid Blue

Another notable highlight is that a Lake Placid Blue finish is not available to right-handed players. A lefty exclusive that looks fantastic in person!

At present, we only have 24 of these limited-edition beauties in total. I haven’t been able to spot any other retailers with them as of yet, but that’s not to say that they may not appear elsewhere at a later date.

For now, these limited edition beauties are available exclusively at GuitarGuitar UK.

In-Stock Now At GuitarGuitar UK

Make sure to also check out my guide to the full range of left-handed Fender guitars and basses.

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