What Lefty Guitars Should Fender Make Next?

Left Handed Fender Guitar Survey

Recently I asked you all to let me know what you’d like to see here on LeftyFretz in order to make sure that I’m putting out the content that you really want to see.

Many of you suggested that we run polls to discover what lefty guitars you guys would like to see the big brands bring out next. We can then pass on the data in the hopes that these guitars might actually become a reality. Brilliant idea guys!

I thought Fender would be a great brand to start with as they do seem to listen to customer feedback. We’ve certainly seen less black Strats and more lefty offsets recently anywho!

There’s also the possibility that I could help arrange a special run of guitars through work if we get enough data back. So I hope you can spare a few minutes to help this idea succeed. It’s certainly worth a shot!

Fender – Left Handed Guitar & Bass Survey

I have split the survey into three separate questionnaires – electric guitars, bass guitars, and acoustic guitars. Feel free to complete just one, a couple, or all three depending on what you’d like to see.

Each survey starts off with a few general questions and then optionally allows you to design the individual models that you’d like to see. If you have no interest in certain models, feel free to skip to guitars you are interested in.

I have tried my best to be realistic with the choices offered because at the end of the day the goal here is to design some guitars that Fender might feasibly make. So for the most part I have used the common options currently available on the Fender website for each model. If you need more choices, hit up the Fender Custom Shop! Price points are also taken from the Fender website.

I have also purposely left out choices such as hardware color and pickguard color because these are likely to be dependant on whichever finishes end up being the most popular. If necessary we can run a second poll to dial in the smaller details later. You also won’t find Artist models in here as I do not believe these would happen.

A note about the American Acoustasonic. If you are interested in this model, you will find it in the acoustic survey.

Take The Survey

Hit the buttons below to take part. Each survey is fairly quick and should take roughly 3-4 minutes unless you go to town selecting colors!

I have used a Google based form to host the survey, so my apologies if you are not able to take part.

Thanks to those of you who manage to take part. Keep an eye out for the results soon!

And if anyone at Fender happens across this post please send me an email or tweet to let me know the best person to get the data to.

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Neal has been playing guitar (left-handed!) for over 20 years, and has also worked in various roles within the guitar retail industry since 2012. He started LeftyFretz in 2010. More Info