Manne Guitars : Left Handed Guitars and Basses

Manne Guitars was founded in 1987 by owner Andrea Ballarin in Schio, Italy.  The company philosophy is that “there is always a better way to do it”, and it is this mindset that makes them strive to produce better and better instruments.

The brand produces a range of uniquely shaped body designs as well as a selection of some more traditionally styled guitars.  All of the guitars produced by Manne are available to order left handed.

I have listed a small sample of Manne’s guitars and basses below as there are too many to list in a single article.  I encourage you to head over to the company website to see exactly what is available.  Keep in mind that Manne Guitars is a custom shop and as such, all guitars can be specced to your exacting requirements.

Manne Left Handed Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Manne Left Handed Guitars Lefty Custom

Manne Left Handed Bass Guitars

Manne Left Handed Bass Guitars Lefty

Manne Website

The Manne website contains a ton of information and as such it can be a little confusing to navigate around at first.  There is no mention of left handed guitars on the site apart from a few scattered images on certain pages, so I did have to contact the company to find out this information.  However, I did receive a very quick reply from Andrea himself.

For more information:
Manne Guitars Website

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