Left Handed Suhr Guitars & Basses

Wondering which left handed Suhr guitars are currently available? Well, you’re in the right place!

Suhr Guitars was founded by John Suhr and Steve Smith in 1997 and is based in California, USA. They produce a range of guitars, basses, amplifiers, effects units, and even their own line of pickups.

The brand specializes in building premium quality guitars and basses, hand-crafted to the highest standards with fanatical attention to detail. As a result, they have become some of the most sought-after instruments amongst amateur and professional players alike.

Does Suhr Make Left Handed Guitars?

Yes! Every single Suhr guitar and bass is currently available as a left handed model. This is because Suhr operates a build-to-order business model where there is no additional cost associated with making a lefty guitar.

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Left Handed Suhr Guitars

As we’ve already mentioned above, you can literally choose any Suhr guitar or bass and order it as a left-handed model. At Suhr, every guitar is treated as an individual instrument, so making a Suhr left handed guitar or bass is no different from producing a right-handed model.

Left Handed Suhr Guitars

The image above shows a small selection of a few of the different guitar designs that Suhr offers.

Make sure to head to the brand website for full details, but here is a quick summary of the Suhr left handed guitar models available at the time of writing.


Left Handed Suhr Modern

The Suhr Modern is ideal for hard rock and metal guitarists thanks to its aggressive pickups, fast neck profile, and excellent upper fret access. It is available with either a pau ferro or roasted maple fingerboard and comes in a range of transparent finishes to show off that beautiful flame.

Main features include a basswood body with a flame maple top, a roasted maple neck with a 24 stainless steel fret fingerboard, a Gotoh 510 tremolo, plus locking tuners. The pickups are Suhr’s own design and the guitar ships with a quality gig bag.


Left Handed suhr Standard

The Suhr Standard takes that classic S-style guitar shape and launches it thoroughly into the 21st century. It features a slightly downsized body with a sharper radius and longer horns to give it a modern aesthetic whilst still retaining a classy vibe.

The Standard is available with either a pau ferro or roasted maple fretboard, plus you can choose from a wide range of transparent body finishes. It uses Suhr’s SSCII hum-canceling system for hum-free play even when using single-coil pickups.

Main features include a basswood body with a stunning flame maple top, a roasted maple slim-C neck, a modern 10-14” fretboard radius, a Gotoh 510 tremolo, plus locking tuners.

Classic S

Left Handed Suhr Classic S Guitar

The Suhr Classic S is an updated take on your vintage S-style guitar. It is available in either HSS or SSS configuration, plus a choice of Indian rosewood or maple fingerboards.

Main features include an alder body, a maple neck with a 9-12” compound radius fretboard with stainless steel frets, a Gotoh 510 tremolo system, plus Suhr locking tuners. The pickups are Suhr’s own, and the guitar ships with a premium gig bag.

It is also available as the Classic S Antique, which is essentially the same guitar with the addition of a lightly aged finish. This gives it the appearance of an older, well-used guitar.

Classic JM

Left Handed Suhr Classic JM

The Suhr Classic JM takes the classic offset Jazzmaster shape and refines it with a few modern enhancements and alterations. It is available with either P90 or humbucker pickups and your choice of a tremolo or tune-o-matic bridge setup.

As far as finishes are concerned, we can pick from a range of solid colors or a handsome 3 tone burst option.

Main features include an alder body, a maple neck with a 10-14” radius Indian rosewood fretboard, Suhr locking tuners, and a premium padded gig bag.

Classic T

Left Handed suhr Classic T

You’ll win no prizes for guessing that the Suhr Classic T is the brand’s take on that legendary T-type model. It is available in a range of 3 transparent finishes at the time of writing.

Main features include a swamp ash body, a maple neck and fretboard, a 9-12” compound radius fingerboard, and a stable Wilkinson 3-saddle bridge. It also uses Suhr’s proprietary SCII system for single-coil tones without that pesky 60-cycle hum.

Left Handed Suhr Alt T

The guitar can also be ordered with light aging as the Classic T Antique. In addition, the Suhr Alt T (shown above) adds a chambered body and f-hole, humbucker pickups, the option of an Indian rosewood fretboard, plus a few additional finish options.

Modern T

Left Handed Suhr Modern T

At the time of writing, the Suhr Modern T is only available as an artist signature model for rock and country guitarist Andy Wood. This model takes the classic T-type guitar and supercharges it with a raft of modern appointments and innovations.

Standout features include a torched swamp ash body, a roasted maple neck, and jumbo stainless steel frets. The guitar also comes with a choice of single-coil or humbucker pickups, and either a Gotoh 510 tremolo or Wilkinson 3-saddle bridge.

Signature Series

In addition to these standard models, there are also various signature models available with specs exclusive to the artist. For example, we have the Pete Thorn Standard, the Mateus Asato Classic S, the Ian Thornley Classic JM, and the Andy Wood Modern T (which you can see above).

Head over to the Suhr website (link below) for a full list of current artist models.

Left Handed Suhr Bass Guitars

In addition to the guitars above, there are also a couple of left handed Suhr bass guitars available from the brand.

Classic J

Left Handed Suhr Classic J Bass

The Suhr Classic J is the company’s refined take on the legendary jazz bass style. It is currently available in a choice of 2 solid colors or a classy 3 tone burst option.

The main features of this bass include an alder body, a maple neck with an Indian rosewood fingerboard, a Gotoh vintage jazz bridge, and Suhr Classic J pickups. You’ll also receive a premium Suhr gig bag with your new bass.

In addition, this model is also available with light aging as the Classic J Antique. This model features finish checking and light dings to give the impression of an older, well-used instrument.

Classic P

Left Handed Suhr Classic P Bass

The final left handed Suhr is the Classic P, which is the brand’s take on the iconic precision bass style. It is available in 3 classic finishes – 3 tone burst, olympic white, and black.

Main features include an alder body, a roasted maple neck with an Indian rosewood fingerboard, a Gotoh vintage bass bridge, and Suhr’s own Classic P pickups.

Suhr Custom Guitars

If none of the above guitars or basses quite tick all of your boxes then there is also the Suhr Custom Shop. Here, you can take any of these different body shapes and customize them to your liking.

Choose from a plethora of different premium woods, a greatly expanded range of colors, and a larger choice of hardware options. You can even specify the smaller details such as fret size/material, neck profile, and inlay designs. Have a specific way that you like your guitar setup? They’ll even do that for you.

The world is your oyster! For a little extra cash anyway…

For some incredible inspiration, head over to the Suhr website and click through to the Custom section. Here, you can view Suhr’s Custom gallery where all of their latest creations can be seen alongside their spec sheets.

Suhr Custom Configurator

If you like the idea of building a Custom left handed Suhr guitar you’ll definitely want to check out the brand’s new online guitar configurator.

Suhr Custom Guitar Configurator

With this handy new tool you can pick all of the options for your new guitar and get a preview of what it will look like, plus an estimate of the final cost.

If you’re stuck between two finish options, or can’t decide what type of pickguard to opt for, the configurator will save you a lot of headaches!

A nice touch for us southpaws is the ability to actually view the guitar as a left handed model. This is a feature missing from many other brands’ virtual guitar configurators.

Once you’re happy, simply print off your spec sheet. Now all you need to do is take it to your nearest Suhr dealer and get it ordered!

For More Information:
Suhr Guitars Website


Where Are Suhr Guitars Made?

Suhr guitars and basses are currently hand-crafted in California, USA. Specifically, at the Suhr headquarters in the city of Lake Elsinore.

Who Plays Suhr Guitars?

A number of well-respected players proudly play Suhr instruments. This list includes Mateus Asato, Reb Beach, Scott Henderson, Pete Thorn, Ian Thornley, and Andy Wood amongst many others. 

How Do You Pronouce Suhr?

Suhr is actually pronounced as in ‘Sir’. Check out my article ‘21 Guitar Brands You’re Pronouncing Wrong‘ to find out which other brand names you might be unknowingly butchering!

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