21 Guitar Brand Names You’re Probably Pronouncing Wrong

You know what’s even more smarmy than being the grammer grammar Nazi who corrects a person’s spelling mistakes online? Being the guy who corrects their pronunciations – to their faces

Thanks to this article, you can now be that smug git! You’ll never pronounce a guitar brand’s name incorrectly again.

Working in a guitar store, I’ve heard them all. So I’ve detailed 21 of the worst offenders below so that you can avoid all embarrassment when you next visit your local guitar emporium. And just to show that I’m not making these pronunciations up, I’ve linked to irrefutable video proof for each brand.

How to Pronounce Guitar Brand Names

21 Musical Instrument Companies Whose Names You Can’t Pronounce

1. Catalinbread Cat-Alinbred Proof
My boss calls them Kate-Alinbread.  And I hate him for that.

2. Charvel Shar-Vel Proof
I have a shameful secret. I pronounced these guys Car-Vel for probably a good decade. What a tosspot.

3. D’Addario Daddario Proof
No, it isn’t Dee Addario. Yes, i’m looking at you Rob Chapman

4. D’Angelico Dee-Ann-Jelico Proof
Why is it different to D’Addario? How in the hell should I know? It just is…

5. Godin Go-Dan Proof
Go-Din?! They’re French-Canadian – get some culture…

6. Ibanez Eye-Ban-Ezz Proof
Why’s this even on the list? Well technically, it could be pronounced Ee-Ban-Yez. Before being produced by the Japanese, Ibanez was a Spanish company, owned by Salvador Ibáñez.

7. James Trussart Troo-Sart Proof
Yeah, I thought it was Truss-Art too.  He’s French – sacré bleu!

8. Lakland Lake-Land Proof
Lakland is a combination of the founder’s surnames – Lakin and McFarland.  There, you learned something.

9. Lowden Lao-Den Proof
‘Low’, as in ‘cow’.

10. Mayones May-Oh-Nez (My-Oh-Nez in Polish) Proof
Watch the video and pick one. As long as you aren’t one of those Mayonnaise idiots, you get a pass.

11. Mooer Mower Proof
Everyone I know pronounces this ‘moor’. Because, you know, it reads that way…

12. Moog Mogue Proof
That’s right – Moogerfooger is pronounced Moger-Foger. W.T.F…

13. Ruokangas Rrroe-Kungass Proof
I struggle with this one, even after watching the video.

14. Sadowsky Sad-Ow-Skee (Ow as in Owl) Proof
If you’ve been calling them Sa-Doe-Skee then you’re probably in good company.  Now you know!

15. Steinberger Stine-Burger Proof
True story. Someone came in to the shop once and asked if we stocked Steen-Berjer.

16. Sonuus Saw-Noose Proof
Designed in the UK, where we enjoy making up our own trendy pronunciations…

17. Strymon Stry-Min Proof
Probably a fairly obvious one. But I have heard a few people saying Strimmin. Sake.

18. Suhr Sir Proof
It’s not Soor, and it certainly isn’t Shure. Check out the video above where John Suhr introduces himself.

19. Takamine Taaka-Meenee Proof
Taka-Meen, Taka-Mine – both wrong. They’re Japanese you know.

20. Xotic Exotic Proof
It’s not Eff-ender, or Gee-Ibson, but these guys thought it would be hip to pronounce that first letter in its entirety.

21. ZVEX Zee-Vex Proof
Stands for Zachary Vex, hence the pronunciation.

22. Squier – it’s SQUIER, NOT Squire
One last infuriating bonus entry. Everyone can pronounce it, but plenty can’t spell it.

Guitar Pronunciation Fails

Did I miss any brands? What is the most ridiculous pronunciation you’ve heard?