14 Bad Tattoos of Guitars

Terrible Guitar Tattoos

A lot of tattoo designs are incredible, but let’s face it – some REALLY aren’t! In this article we’ll look at a selection of bad guitar tattoos that probably should never have seen the light of day. 

Unfortunately a large number of people who get inked do it purely because it’s the ‘in’ thing to do. They don’t think it through and come out of the shop with a tattoo that they will regret later on in life.

Bad Guitar Tattoo Designs

I have a feeling that a few of the chumps below may have gone down the ‘do it yourself’ route.  After all, why pay a professional when you can pick up a full tattoo kit for 50 bucks?

Well, let’s see why that might have been a bad decision…

Guitar and Eagle Tattoo

Terrible Tattoo Eagle Carrying A Guitar

I wouldn’t entrust my precious guitar to an eagle. Certainly looks like it has dropped it a few times!

Gibson Logo Neck Tattoo

Idiot With Gibson Tattoo on Neck

Sponsored tattoos? I hope Gibson paid him well for this tacky idea. Part of an employee scheme perhaps?

No Strings Guitar Tattoo

Religious Theme Guitar Tattoo

Is it just me or does this look more like “Six Stung Belief”? And what’s the deal with string-less guitars?

Fire and Lightning Tattoo Design

Gibosn Les Paul Guitar Tattoo in Fire and Lightning

Rather than burning the guitar, the lightning has just singed off the strings. Attack of the string-less guitar again!

Crayon Shoulder Tattoo

Awful Guitar Tattoo on Shoulder

I’m hoping this one isn’t real, it looks like his kid drew it on with a crayon. He seems happy though!

WTF Butterfly Guitar Tattoo

Fender Telecaster Tattoo with Butterfly Wings

Freaky, lopsided butterfly telecaster tattoo. Could have been nice enough if done separately.

Gibson ES-335 on Fire Tattoo

Gibson Guitar Tattoo on Fire

People certainly don’t seem to like their Gibsons. Here’s another one which has been set on fire!

Kurt Cobain Tribute Tattoo

Kurt Cobain Tribute Tattoo

The best way to pay tribute to your favorite deceased artist is with a poorly drawn, weird-ass tattoo.

More Broken Gibson Tattoos

Blue Les Paul Guitar Tattoo

Another person who hates their Gibson guitars!  This one has been snapped in half at the neck! Ouch…

Guitar Cover-up Tattoo

Guitar Cover-up Tattoo

It’s fairly hard to tell if the guitar is trying to cover up the thing behind or vice versa. OR maybe its intentional?!

A Tribute To Offspring

Zakk Wylde Guitar Tattoo

This guy named his kid Gibson and decided to botch his guitar tattoo into a tribute. Didn’t really work out for you there, did it?

Fretboard Guide Tattoo

Guitar Fretboard Tattoo

Too lazy to learn the fretboard? This could be the design for you! 5th and 10th frets don’t have strings apparently…

Guitar Hero Tattoo

Guitar Hero Tattoo

Her next step is to have electronics implanted under her skin so she can use her arm as a controller…

Why God Why!?

Bad Guitar Forearm Tattoo

This one is just extraordinarily bad, so it gets a bigger image to show off its full FAIL. Hopefully it isn’t real. Probably done by a friend using the beginner tattoo kit I talked about!

100+ Amazing Tattoo Ideas

The designs above clearly were not great. But if you took the time to come up with a good idea, and also carefully selected an artist who is good at the style you’re after, you might end up with something incredible.

Check out my list of 100+ Amazing Guitarist Tattoo Ideas for some inspiration.

Awesome Fender Guitar Tattoo

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