100+ Amazing Guitar Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos of Guitars

If you’re searching for tattoos of guitars to help inspire your next piece of ink, you’re in the right place. Below you will find over 100 incredible guitar tattoo ideas!

Acoustic and electric guitar, bass, picks, small and simple, color, black and grey, forearm, full sleeves, fine line – you name it, it’s in here.

While I’m not a tattoo artist myself, I am a graphic designer, I have several tattoos, plus I work in a guitar store and run a guitar website.

So, I like to think I am at least somewhat in a decent position to be suggesting some good guitar tattoo designs. Although, feel free to disagree, haha!

Guitar Tattoo Ideas

Personally I feel that a guitar is a very tricky subject to capture pleasingly as a tattoo, thanks mainly to the many small parts of a guitar and fine, intricate details.

For example, in certain tattoos of guitars, a great design can be completely ruined because it is so hard to ink super-straight strings on such a small scale.

While researching this list I found a ton of guitar tattoos which could have been amazing, but were ruined by wonky string lines. In others, the artist has completely left out the strings altogether!

For this reason, I feel that many of the best guitar tattoo ideas in this list don’t feature a full and accurate guitar.

Many of the designs in this gallery have been chosen because they manage to portray the idea of a guitar without spoiling it by going into too much detail.

Other designs in here might not be quite the best executed, but I included them because I loved the concept. Perhaps a more talented artist could really nail these ones!

I have tried my best to include the Instagram account names for each of the talented artists in case you want to check out more of their work. If I have made a mistake with any of the names please get in touch and I will correct them.

Traditional Guitar Tattoo
Colorful Guitar Tattoo
Guitar Tattoos For Ladies
Song Lyrics Guitar Tattoo
Nature Guitar Tattoo Idea
Musical Guitar Tattoo
Guitar Tattoo Forearm
Guitar Headstock Tattoo
Fender Telecaster Guitar Tattoo
Guitar Fretboard Tattoo
Devil Horns Tattoo
Abstract Guitar Tattoo

Acoustic Guitar Tattoos

While researching this list, acoustic guitar tattoos definitely seemed to be the most common choice. You acoustic guitarists are a devoted lot!

Acoustic guitars tend to work a little bit better as tattoos because they feature less intricate parts than their electric cousins.

In addition they tend to have softer, better flowing lines and curves.

Personally, I think number 27 is my favorite – how about you?

Traditional Acoustic Guitar Tattoo
Guitar Sketch Tattoo
Negative Space Guitar Tattoo
Musical Notes Guitar Tattoo
Mathematical Guitar Tattoo
Acoustic Guitar Tattoo
Memorial Guitar Tattoo
Landscape Guitar Tattoo
Guitar Tree Tattoo
Guitar Trees Tattoo
Guitar Tattoo Thigh
Guitar Tattoos Ideas
Guitar Tattoo Leg
Guitar Script Tattoo
Guitar Microphone Tattoo
Guitar Mountain Tattoo
Guitar Line Tattoo
Guitar Lake Tattoo
Guitarist Tattoo
Guitar Art Tattoo
Quick Guitar Tattoo
Geometric Guitar Tattoo
Flower Guitar Tattoo
Dot Work Guitar Tattoo
Cool Guitar Tattoo
Black Grey Guitar Tattoo
Artistic Guitar Tattoo
Acoustic Guitar Tree Tattoo
Acoustic Guitar Skin Rip Tattoo

Guitar Pick Tattoos

Guitar pick tattoos were also a very popular design idea during my research, but I struggled to find many that I really liked.

As it turns out, a guitar pick can be quite an awkward shape to constrain your art to!

For me, the winner is the design which places the wave inside of the pick. What do you think?

Guitar Pick Tattoos
Guitar Pick Landscape Tattoo
Ying Yang Guitar Pick Tattoo
Guitar Plectrum Tattoo
Guitar Tattoo Wrist

Bass Guitar Tattoos

Okay slappers and poppers, now it’s your turn!

There are plenty of amazing bass guitar tattoo designs out there, many of which seem to focus on the headstock.

The thicker and lower number strings on a bass guitar makes for a slightly easier job for the artist to recreate in a pleasing way.

I noticed a lot of ‘skin-rip’ style tattoos here, and these seem to work better with a bass fretboard rather than a 6-string electric. They do look awesome!

Bass Guitar Tattoo
Guitar Tattoo Calf
Bass Fingerboard Tattoo
Fender Bass Tattoo
Guitar Chest Tattoo
Bass Headstock Tattoo
Beatles Tattoo
Bass Fretboard Tattoo

Guitar Tattoo Forearm Ideas

Your forearms are a great place for a tattoo as you can easily admire your artwork every day, or also cover it up with a shirt if you need to.

In addition, your forearms tend to stay more or less the same size if you gain or lose weight, so your ink should stay looking fresh for a long time!

If you think that pain is an issue for you, here is something you might like to know.

It is generally considered that the outer forearm is much less painful to ink than the inner!

Here is a selection of the best guitar tattoo forearm ideas that I was able to find.

Amazing Guitar Tattoo
Guitar Fretboard Tattoos
Guitar Schematic Tattoo
Guitar Fretboard Skin Rip Tattoo
Fender Tattoo
Fender Strat Headstock Tattoo

Guitar Tattoo Arm Ideas

Your arm is an excellent spot for a tattoo as the size and space available means that they can be really big and detailed.

Plus your arm spends half of the year (maybe not here in rainy Scotland!) uncovered, so it’s easy to show off!

Although it’s easy to go ultra-detailed in such a good space, minimal designs are very popular at the moment and also look great here in a larger size.

Here are some of the best guitar tattoo arm ideas I could find…

Guitar Tattoo Arm
Fender Stratocaster Guitar Tattoo
Skeleton Guitar Tattoo
Gibson Guitar Tattoo
Womens Guitar Tattoo
Gibson Headstock Tattoo
Guitarist Singer Tattoo

Here’s a quick video that explains some of the pros and cons of a forearm tattoo that is definitely worth a few minutes of your time!

Guitar Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

For those who prefer to go big or go home, a guitar tattoo sleeve could be the way to go!

These designs are not for the faint of heart and will take a longer time to complete, but will definitely make the biggest visual impact.

A full, or half-sleeve allows the guitar to be mixed in with other design elements for a more cohesive aesthetic.

While a guitar tattoo on its own can look a little like a sticker on occasion, you won’t have this issue with a sleeve!

Full Sleeve Guitar Tattoo
Guitar Tattoo Sleeve
Amazing Guitar Sleeve Tattoo
Black Red Guitar Tattoo Sleeve
Black Guitar Tattoo Sleeve

Small & Simple Guitar Tattoos

If you’re getting your first tattoo, or are unsure about how much pain you can tolerate, then why not try one of these simple and small guitar tattoos?

These are also great if you like a minimalist style, or if you aren’t allowed big tattoos at work.

These designs also tend to mesh well with most fashion styles.

For small tattoos, clear and simple is usually better…

Guitar Tattoo Simple
Guitar Tattoo Small
Black Red Guitar Tattoo
Easy Guitar Tattoo

Guitar Tattoo Designs to Avoid

Why not check out my other article which shows off some of the worst guitar tattoo designs that I could find?

At the very least it might give you a good idea of which types of designs you might like to avoid. You may also get a good giggle out of it…

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Guitar Tattoo Ideas

Hope you found inspiration from this list of the best guitar tattoos I could find!

If this is going to be your first tattoo, why not check out this awesome tattoo guide for beginners from Beardbrand.

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