Carvin : Left Handed Guitars and Basses

The Carvin guitar company was founded in 1946 in San Diego, California by Lowell Kiesel.  Today Carvin are one of the largest musical instrument companies in the world and manufacture acoustic and electric basses and guitars, amplifiers and a host of other musical accessories.

Carvin differ from most other guitar brands in that they cut out the middle-man and sell directly to the customer (in the USA).  This means that Carvin guitars are generally much better value for money when compared to similarly specced guitars from other companies. These guys are one of my personal favorite guitar brands.

Carvin Left Handed Guitars and Basses

The good news for left handed guitar players is that Carvin is by far and away one of the most lefty friendly brands out there. With the exception of the V220, Ultra V, HH1 and HH2, all of Carvin’s guitars are available to order left handed. And there is no upcharge for the privilege!  A few of the more specialised options may not be available when speccing out a left handed model, but for the most part we can go nuts!

A Selection of Left Handed Carvin Guitars and BassesThe image above shows a tiny selection of what is currently available from Carvin, so please head over to their website to check out what is on offer. They offer a huge range of a variety of different instruments and probably have you covered no matter what style of music or instrument you play.

If you are in the States you can specify and order your guitar directly on the website through their order form.  Carvin fans outside of the USA will need to order through an authorised dealer.

Carvin Website

The Carvin website features huge galleries of each guitar in various different configurations and colors.  I’d seriously recommend following them on Facebook as well to see their almost daily galleries of guitars fresh off the shop floor.

Customer service is also absolutely top notch. I contacted Carvin to see if I could get some large photos of specific guitars for the image above, and I have to say they went above and beyond trying to help me out (thanks Joel!).

It’s truly a southpaw’s paradise over at Carvin, and I absolutely suggest you consider them for your next guitar.

For more information:
Carvin Guitars Website

6 replies
  1. Mark Hall
    Mark Hall says:

    Just to weigh in on the Carvin products-I picked up a lefty DC-127 12 string about a year ago. This guitar is beautiful! The craftsmanship is outstanding-great neck, great fretwork, extremely playable and enjoyable. Between the coil splits and phase selector + the different pickup combinations the tones are so plentiful that I have yet to explore them all. I picked this guitar up specifically to do 12 string studio fills and it has filled those shoes nicely. Carvin’s quality vs their price structure just shreds the competition on all levels and you can get their guitars with most any useful option you can think of. Back when I was a kid I used to receive the Carvin catalogs and think that they were the “bargain brand’ and not to be taken seriously. They have since proven themselves in all of their product lines to have superior quality and great service. I love many guitar companies but, just for an example, price up a Jackson and an ESP tricked out with all the options you would like and then get the same quote from Carvin. If you’ve have ever wanted one but have hesitated I encourage you to take the plunge. Great stuff!!!

  2. dkong
    dkong says:

    The US Carvin website has in its ready to ship models a separate Lefty Section! Some really nice ones. I especially liked the Purple Strat-style one as well as the walnut series 5 string bass. Prices don’t seem too bad at all. Although I’ve basically blown thru my new guitar budget for this year…those two were especially tempting.

  3. JD Peyton
    JD Peyton says:

    I see what you mean about the silly website design, how annoying. I looked the the USA site through the proxy site you suggested and there are SO much more photos. Great looking guitars though, i’m especially interested after seeing some of the great finishes on the USA website!

  4. Chris
    Chris says:

    If I was considering a new high-end guitar Carvin would certainly be somewhere I’d likely be heading. Unfortunately, while they ship direct in the US and the prices are pretty awesome, outside of there you pay 2-3 times as much. Even at that price they can compare favourably. I’d take a Carvin over a PRS anyday regardless of the price, and chances are it will come in at half the price also.

    They have so many nice guitars. If our house burned down and took all my instruments with it and I had insurance money to replace my lineup, I’d be very tempted to go all Carvin, like CS4, SH550, DC400, all into a V3 amp. Would serve very nicely.

  5. Mark
    Mark says:

    I ordered a lefty Carvin 7 string in 2002.. Still a good guitar to this day, however if you’re looking for something more affordable and you’re not a big stickler about “neck through” verses “bolt on” construction, you might want to consider .. Check it out.. lots of options and styles with endless choices for personal preferences.. They are very good to lefties..


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