Ibanez : Left Handed Electric Guitar Models 2010

So you want to play Ibanez guitars but are unsure which models are available left handed? I just so happen to have compiled a list of their 2010 line-up of left handed guitars to save your lazy asses from doing it yourselves.


Keep in mind that this is the current line-up according to the Ibanez website. The Ibanez websites seem to differ from country to country so there may well be a few more models available, let me know and I will add them. Obviously there are a TON of others which can be had second-hand, but that is for another (much larger) article!

Ibanez JEM7VL Left Handed Guitar

JEM7VL Steve Vai Signature Left Handed Guitar in White

Steve Vai has given the world a new way to think about how to play a guitar and his Ibanez JEM series guitars have served to aid him in that quest. The JEM7VL is a left handed version of the already popular JEM7V, it uses the sleek 5 piece JEM Prestige neck that is a breeze to play. The JEM7VL also features the Edge Pro bridge with Lion’s Claw tremolo that gives you clearance for some of the most wicked flying and diving effects. Don’t forget about the DiMarzio Evolution pickups, they’re super hot and have been Split-5 wired giving you 5 awesome pickup combinations to choose from.

Ibanez JS1200L Left Handed Guitar

JS1200L Joe Satriani Signature Left Handed Guitar in Candy Apple

The Ibanez Joe Satriani JS1200 guitar has a multi-radius Prestige neck that is an exact digital rendering of the neck on Joe’s favorite axe. Its lightweight aerofoil shaped basswood body provides comfort, upper-fret access and expressive singing tones. A unique high-pass filter on the volume pots maintains highs at low volumes. The combination of a 25.5-inch neck scale and DiMarzio (PAF Joe and Fred) pickups provides wide dynamic range and versatility.

Ibanez ORM1L Left Handed Guitar

ORM1L Omar Rodriguez Lopez Signature Left Handed Guitar in White

Traditional beauty, the ORM1 was made to look like a vintage guitar. Omar Rodriguez needs a guitar that can measure up to the rigors of playing with Mars Volta and this guitar has more than met his expectations. Comfortable to play, the ORM1 features a shorter 24 inch scale neck and a single pickup with a lone volume control. Simplicity at its best, if anyone knows how to push a guitar to its limits it’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.

Ibanez RG1570ZL Left Handed Guitar Lefty

RG1570ZL Prestige Series Left Handed Guitar in Black

The Ibanez RG1570ZL guitar is one of the most recognizable and distinctive guitars in the Ibanez line.  The Ibanez RG1570ZL is an RG Prestige model introduced in 2010 as a replacement for the RG1570L. New feature is the Edge Zero tremolo; other features include a basswood body, Ibanez made pickups and the new Wizard HP neck.

Ibanez RG1550ML Left Handed Guitar

RG1550ML Prestige Series Left Handed Guitar in Black

The RG1550ML features a 5 piece maple/walnut Wizard Prestige neck with maple fretboard, black dot inlay, 3 pickups and an Edge-Pro tremolo bridge. Case is included. The RG1550ML can dial in any tone, from crystal clear to searing and nasty, thanks to its V7 neck pickup, S1 middle pickup and V8 bridge pickup combination.

Ibanez RG370DXL Left Handed Guitar

RG370DXL Left Handed Guitar in Black

The the famous Ibanez RG series – the undisputed standard in guitars for the hard rock player for over 15 years. Ibanez continues that tradition with the 370DXL and its hot humbuckers, Edge III bridge and Wizard II neck (3-piece maple with a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard and sharktooth inlays). The Edge III lets you install strings with or without the ball end, and offers a much lower profile for even better playability. This ingenious design also allows for stiffer string tension arming & improved return-to-pitch and lets you adjust both the height and tension of the arm. Its IBZ INF pickups (2 humbuckers and one single coil) give you the power for heavy rhythm, and blistering, high-gain lead sounds.

Ibanez GRG170DXL Left Handed Guitar Lefty

GRG170DXL Left Handed Guitar in Black

Take classic Ibanez playability, combine it with 3 Powersound pickups, and throw in a seriously stable tremolo system and you’ve got the Ibanez GRG170DX Electric Guitar – an axe made to rock. The GRG-shape maple neck meets up with a basswood body housing a humbucker at the neck and bridge, and a single-coil in the middle position, plus a FAT 10 bridge. The 24-fret rosewood fingerboard features edgy sharktooth inlays. Chrome hardware.

Ibanez GRX20L Left Handed Electric Guitar

GRX20L GIO Left Handed Guitar in Black Night

Back in 1993 Ibanez decided to make an inexpensive guitar that would be worthy of the Ibanez name. The GRX20 model was this guitar. It features a black pickguard and rosewood fretboard. Ibanez designed it from the ground up using a hard rock maple Viper neck, medium frets and high output Powersound pickups.

Ibanez GRGM21L Mikro Left Handed Guitar

GRGM21L Mikro Left Handed Guitar in Black Night

Full sized features in a compact lefty guitar! The left handed Mikro is the perfect solution for the lefty beginner or the serious southpaw looking for a compact guitar with a full sized attack. The GRG Mikro is no laughing matter, it may look like a toy, but it is a serious guitar for a serious player. Now beginner leftys are given the opportunity to wreak serious havoc and seasoned players have a formidable guitar to take where a full sized electric just won’t go. Ibanez Mikros provide a compact axe with the comfort of a smaller neck. Although small in size, the Left Handed Mikro reeks with big time metal features.

Ibanez ART100L Left Handed Guitar

ART100L Left Handed Guitar in Black

The Ibanez ART100 is the single-cutaway Artist Series model that left handed guitar players have been hoping for! For over 30 years, the classic Artist design has provided a real, high quality alternative to the other famous mahogany double humbucker guitar. ART100 features include a set-in mahogany neck, a mahogany body, tight-and-trebly Ibanez ACH humbuckers and chrome hardware.

Ibanez GART30L Left Handed Electric Guitar

GART30L Left Handed Guitar in Black Night

The Ibanez GART30 GIO Series Left Handed Electric Guitar is a fully featured guitar that will have you rocking in no time. Available at an affordable price, this GIO Series guitar features a basswood body with a rosewood fingerboard and an eye catching chrome hardware color. 2 humbucking Powersound pickups and a maple GART style neck round out this impressive guitar.

Ibanez AS73L Left Handed Semi-Acoustic Guitar Lefty

Ibanez AS73L Semi-Acoustic Left Handed Guitar

If you thought the only good full or semi-hollow guitars were expensive (and the inexpensive ones weren’t any good), think again. Ibanez Artcore guitars represent thinking that’s way outside the box. No matter what kind of music you play – punk, alt rock, new rock, whatever – if you’re serious about adding rich tones to the mix, it’s time to stop just thinking about it. With Ibanez Artcore, you can now afford to go full or semi hollow. You can’t afford not to! The AS73 features a maple body, large frets, a Quickchange III tailpiece, and two ACH humbuckers.

Hope you like black! ;)

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Please note that these ‘2010 Left Handed Guitar Guide‘ articles only feature models which are listed on the manufacturer’s 2010 website and as such other models may be available new or 2nd-hand depending on your location.
25 replies
  1. Ger
    Ger says:

    Maybe it's intereseting to know that in many European countries you can't get the RG1550ML,the ART100L or the GART30L as a lefty. You have to go to an internet store to get them, a normal (non-digital :) ) guitar store can't get them for you. The S260FML you can get.
    Also the european websites of Ibanez have an option to list all the lefty models on one page, which are… only a few.

    • LeftyFretz
      LeftyFretz says:

      It's pretty poor isn't it, it can be a pain living in Europe as a lefty guitar player and this recession certainly isn't helping. The only guitar out of this lineup which interests me is the JS1200L, but that's sold out everywhere, including America. Ibanez seem to only be interested in producing lefty guitars for beginner players, anything over a $500 guitar just seems to be produced in such limited numbers that if you aren't quick you lose out. It's a pity because I started off playing guitar with several Ibanez models but now that I've advanced they just have nothing to offer me so I have to look elsewhere.

      I've been bugging them on Twitter to make some nice lefty's, wishful thinking I reckon! ;)

      • Ger
        Ger says:

        Ha, yes. That was just the problem when I wanted to find a nice, middle class guitar. Ibanez doesn't make them or you have to live in America. I started with an Ibanez too, so it was indeed quite a disappointment to find out that they don't make middle class guitars.
        The RG2550ZL was for 2 months available…. 2 months. As if all lefties know by smelling the air that you can find beautifull guitars for 2 months without advertising this. Bad sales after those 2 months made Ibanez quit the production, probably. :)

        • LeftyFretz
          LeftyFretz says:

          I really think poor advertising is a big reason why companies make so few left handed guitars. If people don't know they exist they won't buy them. Take PRS this year, they did a limited run of 100 lefty guitars and told no one about it. The result – my local store has 13 of them and hasn't sold a single one in 6 months… To be fair I guess it's up to the store who buys them to advertise.

          If you want a nice middle range Ibanez there's a RG2570L on eBay right now in Europe (Cyprus I think). I used to have one, very very rare. There's also a lefty RG5EX1 popped up, never even heard of that one!

          The JEM is nice, but it's so overpriced and the white color just seems so dated these days. You see Steve rocking his new JEM with the amazing floral design, or the acrylic transparent one and you just look at the white one and go 'meh'.

    • LeftyFretz
      LeftyFretz says:

      Thanks for the heads up. The GRG170DXL isn't listed on the USA website but it is on the UK website, along with another one – RG1570ZL. I've added them both :) Unless the RG1570ZL is brand new it looks to have sold out already, can't find one anywhere.

  2. Joseph
    Joseph says:

    Hi…,I'm looking to purchase a Left hand Ibanez u/vJem77 or Jam7v , Can you help me find and purchase one can you sell me One….,Can you tell me what you would charge ?

    • Neal
      Neal says:

      I think there are still a small number of lefty JEM7Vs floating around, just do a Google search and you should find some. Otherwise eBay is your best bet for a used one, but I've only seen one on there so far.

      The other models you listed aren't available left handed. So options would be to have one custom made or have some other lefty Ibanez model converted into a similar design.

      LeftyFretz isn't a store so I can't sell you one personally.

      • Akshay
        Akshay says:

        Hehehe ^^ above comment. I never thought leftyfretz was an e-commerce site when I first visited it. Cmon, there are no big "Buy" buttons, no price/shipping info labels,etc,etc either! lol :D

    • Robby Herbert
      Robby Herbert says:

      there are! Search on google and look for URLs on the images. There are a few websites tht have them available for around 3000 to 4000 dollars.

  3. Jake
    Jake says:

    The problem I have is simply this….Ibanez is full of crap. I love their guitars (played nothing else since 1987) but I tape over the Ibanez logo on all my guitars because their lefty policy is so bad. They are not a small company. They can afford to have made to order left handed guitars. The selection they offer is so poor I just refuse to buy any of their new guitars and only buy older models off of ebay. Even then I end up customizing them to hell jut to get them to what I want…….basically like models they offer in standard right handed form.

    Speaking for myself I would have no problem waiting a few months for a custom made guitar to my specs rather then having to choose from the crap that they offer. I get so pissed when I see these custom made guitars that they make for free to the endorsers yet refuse to offer to their paying customers……you know the people you pay those celebs to try and influence

    It's unfortunate that my love of their guitars isn't appreciated by them. And if I could find another brand of guitar that I liked as much I change in a second…..rant over

    • Neal
      Neal says:

      This is my opinion of Ibanez as well, they take care of newer players but leave the guys wanting more in the lurch. You wouldn't think it would be that much of a hardship to open up LACS to the general public. I played Ibanez until I left university but with a lack of choice I then went to MusicMan – the JP neck is very similar to the Ibanez thin but wide style.

      • Scott
        Scott says:

        And who cares if any of us want anything that isn’t a super standard RG, and even then theres hardly any variety. I am desperate for an decent S series, looks like i’ll have to settle for last years SA260FML (which is still pretty good, average trem though), but for a major company the restriction of the custom shop is pretty retarded (even righties must be mad).

  4. Rad
    Rad says:

    I am a former lefty; played guitar for twelve years before deciding to bite the bullet and swap to right. I love Ibanez guitars, my favourite was a Les Paul copy (72) I think it was the model Gibson sued Ibanez over, I wish I never got rid of it. Though I am now right handed, i still have the urge to swap to left, especially when playing the faster stuff. But I agree with most of the comments on this site, Ibanez as well as the other manufactures need to consider lefties as well, I reckon we should bring a combined lawsuit against them for discrimination and genetic profiling…sue the pricks. But to all the lefties out their who want the feel of an Ibanez to suit their needs, try Warmoth custom guitars. They make all known guitar models to your specifications, and at a reasonable price, they even have the Wizard II necks in stock and can retrofit to your specifications. I know a few people here in Australia who have bought Warmoth, and they are so pleased with the custom results and prices, they have gotten rid of all their Ibanez, Jackson, ESP's guitars.

    • Neal
      Neal says:

      I've been considering trying out Warmoth lately after seeing a beautiful quilted Tele on eBay – the baritone and short-scale conversion necks have also got my interest. Thanks for your comments Rad.

  5. Jared
    Jared says:

    I own a RG370DXL, pretty good guitar, stock pickups are a bit cheap though, the Edge trem is pretty good. I REALLY REALLY wish Ibanez would offer an affordable lefty 7 string RG, with a reverse headstock. Would buy one in a heartbeat.


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