Left Handed 7-String Guitars : The Ultimate List!

You requested it, so here it is – a definitive guide to the manufacturers who offer left handed 7-string guitars! Extended range guitars can really help add an extra dimension to your playing and will undoubtedly help to grow your musical vocabulary.  Help us to expand the list by adding any missing brands in the comments section.

There is a large number of left handed 7-string guitars out there; a handful from the big names and quite a few from the smaller brands and independent luthiers. It would be incredibly tedious and long-winded to list every single guitar available, so a list of brands has been provided with the necessary website links. All of these companies will supply you with a left handed 7-string guitar, either from stock or via custom order.

Beginner Left Handed 7-String Guitars

Chances are that you stumbled across this page looking to pick up your very first southpaw 7-stringer. On a budget, left handed models aren’t the easiest to come by – but I’ve listed three of my favorites below. And no, this list isn’t sponsored by Schecter, it’s just that they are one of the few brands that cater to lefties without going to the custom shop!

These guitars are arranged in order of price, from lowest to highest. Click the links for more info.

Beginner Left Handed 7 String Guitars

  1. Schecter C-7 Deluxe – link
  2. Schecter Omen 7 – link
  3. Schecter Omen Extreme 7 – link

The most affordable route into the world of 7-strings will be one of these 3 Schecters.

The C-7 Deluxe is the lowest priced option here. It doesn’t have the fancier arched body top, binding, or inlays of the 2 Omen models above, but will still be an excellent introduction to 7-strings on a budget.

It features a satin black basswood body, bolt-on maple neck with 24 fret rosewood fingerboard and a long 26.5″ scale length for improved string tension and intonation.

The 2 Omens are essentially the same guitar, but you pay a little extra for the Extreme model which comes with a fancier quilted maple top and a few other extras like full binding and push/pull tone pot for extra tones. I myself started out on an Omen Extreme 7, and can highly recommend it as a solid intro to extended range guitars. Check them all out using the links above!

The Omen 7 features a basswood body, bolt-on maple neck with 24 fret rosewood fingerboard and that longer 26.5″ scale length. The Omen 7 Extreme is almost the same aside from the mahogany body. It also adds a beautiful quilted maple top (with matching headstock veneer), an extra volume pot and push/pull capability on the tone pot, as well as a few other small upgrades such as the tune-o-matic bridge.

The BIG List!


LeftyFretz Link



AgileAgileAgile WebsiteRondoMusic owned brand
BlacKatBlacKatBlacKat Website
BlackmachineBlackmachineBlackmachine WebsiteNot currently accepting orders
Carvin/KieselCarvinCarvin Website
ConklinConklinConklin Website
DaemonessDaemonessDaemoness Website
DecibelDecibelDecibel Website
DouglasDouglasDouglas WebsiteRondoMusic budget brand
ESPESPESP WebsiteCustom shop only
EtherialEtherialEtherial Website
FramusFramusFramus Website
HaloHaloHalo Website
IbanezIbanezIbanez WebsiteNo current models. Pre-Owned only.
JacksonJacksonJackson WebsiteCustom shop only.
Jaden RoseJaden RoseJaden Rose Website
ManneManneManne Website
MayonesMayonesMayones Website
MensingerMensingerMensinger Website
MusicManMusicManMusicMan Website
NovaxNovaxNovax Website
RANRanRan Website
RuokangasRuokangasRuokangas Website
SchecterSchecterSchecter Website
SiggerySiggerySiggery Website
SkervesenSkervesenSkervesen Website
StrandbergStrandbergStrandberg Website
Strictly 7Strictly 7Strictly 7 Website
WarmothWarmothWarmoth WebsiteBuild your own, currently offer necks only
ZerberusZerberusZerberus Website


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