PRS : Left Handed Guitars 2010

PRS halted regular production of lefty guitars roughly 8 years ago and as such if you wanted one now you’d need to resort to finding one second-hand or begging the custom shop to make one for you at huge expense. If you did manage to unearth a lefty the price would most likely be astronomical due to their scarcity.  In 2010 the prices are still out of this world but they are a little less scarce…

This year PRS have released a very limited edition run of 100 lefty models to the UK and Canadian markets, specifically 50 Custom 22s and 50 McCartys.  The guitars come in 5 different finish options with each color being split evenly throughout both models.  The finishes are Amber Black, Charcoal Burst, Fire Red, Sapphire Smokeburst and Matteo Mist. I was unable to find any images of the Matteo Mist.

In fact I could find very little information on these at all and only a few select UK stores seem to stock them.  It’s no wonder that PRS cite lack of demand for their decision to pull the plug on lefty guitars – if you don’t advertise them, no one will buy them.

Anyway, let’s take a peep at the guitars – I think you’ll have to agree that they are jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

PRS McCarty Left Handed Guitars

Lefty PRS McCarty Left Handed 2010

PRS Custom 22 Left Handed Guitars

Lefty PRS Custom 22 LEft Handed 2010

Apologies for the lack of info but there really isn’t much for me to go on, this is some terrible (read – non-existent) marketing from PRS.  Here is what I do know…

The guitars all feature PRS’s maple ‘10’ top.  A very small percent of the maple trees cut in North America are actually figured, and to make “10-Top” status, a PRS top must have clearly defined figure across its entire top with no “dead” spots. Paul’s “10” tops are among the finest and most beautiful guitars you could ever hope to see. They also all come with an Indian rosewood fingerboard which has long been considered one of the most beautiful grains available in fingerboard woods.

A stylish feature of this limited run which really gives these instruments that extra bit of mojo is that they’ve stamped ‘lefty ltd’ on the truss rod cover.  A nice touch from PRS for sure.

These guitars cost some serious money – £3299 ($5100ish) for the McCarty and £3499 ($5400ish) for the Custom 22.  But you know what, it’s fantastically nice being offered a guitar that the ‘normies’ can’t get their grubby paws on 🙂 If PRS made a limited run of their SE series for us southpaws I would struggle not to buy one (or two!), but I just cannot justify the money for one of these admittedly exquisite high-end beasts…

If I were a rich man I’d have two of these, but alas I am not! Would you guys drop the cash for one of these?

Lefty PRS Custom 24 Limited Run

Left Handed PRS Custom 24 Limited LEfty

UPDATE! Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center has commissioned a very small run of left handed PRS Custom 24s which are due to be completed in November (2010).

For more information on PRS Guitars:
PRS Guitars Website

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  1. gary
    gary says:

    PRS LTD McCarty failed to give out full specs these guitar are not off the shelf as such, the woods were picked out from PRS wood Library even the Tops are Fiqued Flame Maple Ten Tops. I sent Neal the full specs, it really stupid that PRS were poor at advertizing these guitars even Neal found it hard just find the picutues of the Ltd Editions, I sent a copy of the Full spec to GuitarGuitar in Glassgow the guy was shocked by what wood went into the guitar. I purchased a Amberblack Ltd Mccarty and had Abalone Bird inlays put in to th e fingerboard. Neal is showing a picture of it on his facebook site.. great guitar.

  2. Matthew webster
    Matthew webster says:

    Davesguitars has 4 non 10 tops on order for $2800.00. Jerryslefties ordered 10 10 tops already sold for $3400.00. Southpaw guitars ordered 10 10 tops for a pricy $3650.00. Guitar hanger is taking orders, did not state how many they were getting. $3000.00. I'm assuming they are non 10 tops for that price. These are not limited wood runs like my beautiful cu24 from chuck Levine, yet they carry the same price tag. How is they think they are doing us a favor by selling these at the same astronomical price as a 10 year old eBay prs? Leftie stores ripping off lefties. Groovieguitars has 3 egs they are selling at $3000.00! The eg was like 800.00 new! WTF?!?!

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