What’s It Worth? 1962 Lefty Fender Stratocaster

How much would you pay for an original 1962 left handed Fender Strat in near perfect condition? Or rather, what would you VALUE it at?

Last year I posted a segment from ‘The Antiques Roadshow PBS‘ during which what could possibly be the very first ever left handed Fender was appraised. Fast forward a year and the latest show (airdate 24/10/16) features yet another rare left handed gem in the form of an Olympic White ’62 Fender Stratocaster.

Antiques Roadshow Stratocaster Guitar

How Much Is It Worth?

Before you watch the video below, why not have a guess at what you think this vintage instrument might be worth. Here are the main facts from the video:

  • Custom ordered in 1962
  • Almost perfect condition
  • Thick ‘slab’ fingerboard (only used between ’59 and ’62)
  • Original case
  • Serial #71082

Watch the video to see how close you were! Skip to 1:45 if you’re impatient.

How close did you get? Judging by her reaction, i’m guessing that the owner was way off!

Next Task: How much do you reckon the very first left handed Fender would be worth? Click here to find out.

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