13 Guitar Amps Designed By AI (Based On Iconic Horror Movies)

AI guitar design has come a long way, but is it good enough to create a selection of malevolent amplifiers to haunt your dreams? I put it to the test!

For this year’s Halloween post, I thought it would be fun to ask Dall-E to imagine some otherwordly guitar amp designs based on the theme of all things spooky and evil.

These crazy creations are loosely based on a selection of the most iconic horror movies of all time. Why not see how many you can manage to figure out?

If you’d prefer to peruse a list of spooky equipment that actually exists, make sure to check out my list of 13 Scary Guitar Designs.

Otherwise, let’s take a look at the wild creations that artificial intelligence dreamt up for me…

Carved Pumpkin

Pumpkin Themed Guitar Amp

Ah, the pumpkin. The oversized fruit most closely related to Halloween (yes, it’s a fruit!). This particularly evil-looking pumpkin has been carved with a blood-soaked kitchen knife to reveal the amplifier contained within.

An eerie orange glow completes the look. But, what famous scary movie franchise inspired this particular creation?

Evil Clowns

Evil Clown Guitar Amp

Is there anything truly scarier than an evil clown?! The cabinet is adorned by circus-style red lights and an intricate clown face which I can only assume is where the sound will emanate from.

I particularly liked the addition of the oversized clown head controls on the top panel. The solitary red balloon is another creepy touch!

Stitched Skin

Stitched Leather Guitar Amp

This absolutely grotesque amp has had its tolex covering replaced with vile stitched skin. If you’re not 100% certain which legendary horror movie inspired this design, then the chainsaw will be your biggest clue.

Not that you’d want to play this amp anyway, but I hope the chainsaw can be removed so that it doesn’t muffle the sound… You’d certainly one-up Eddie Van Halen and his puny drill.

Chains From Hell

Spiked Guitar Amp

Pinhead? More like pin head and cab… badoom tish.

This AI guitar amp looks like it might just have solved the puzzle box from a very well-known horror franchise. If so, it is probably seconds away from being ripped apart by those huge metal chains!

Straight Jacket

Straight Jacket Guitar Amp

This A.I. imagination features a fairly normal-looking amp encased in what looks like to be a straight jacket, held in place by a series of leather belts and buckles.

If you can’t quite figure out the movie association, the solitary butterfly on top should be a pretty major clue, Clarice.

The White Pointer

Shark Guitar Amp

This maritime-themed AI amplifier looks to be made from weathered driftwood and is encrusted with barnacles. An incredibly angry-looking shark is bursting out from within, ready to drag you down to the depths.

I particularly like the detail of incorporating the speaker into the shark’s mouth. Quint would be proud!

Smash, Smash, SUH-MASH

Axe Splinter Guitar Amp

All work and no guitar playing makes Jack a dull boy…

The axe smashing into this AI guitar design should be a dead giveaway as to the movie inspiration. However, you might also gain a clue from the carpet pattern.

The Hive

Beehive Guitar Amp

If you can figure out the name of the movie that inspired this artificial intelligence creation please make sure not to say it in the mirror 3 times…

Otherwise, you might suffer the same fate as this poor amplifier.

Alien Technology

Alien Guitar Amp

This futuristic design is almost organic in nature, looking like it was found in an abandoned spaceship in the far reaches of the galaxy. Green acidic liquid is oozing out from within, burning holes in the metal floor below.

Can’t wait to rip(ley) out some sweet licks on this extra-terrestrial bad boy!

The Beast

Werewolf Guitar Amp

Don’t you just hate it when a full moon causes your amplifier to turn into a bloodthirsty werewolf? That is the absolute worst

Your guitar will be howling when you plug it into this beast. Just don’t get too close!

Bloody Shower

AI Guitar Design Amp

A famous scene from one of the highest-rated horror movies of all time. You can almost hear those famous high-pitched violins.

Spinal Tap? Pffft. This amp goes up to 12…vacancies. Just when you thought I was out of terrible references!

The Witch

Witch Inspired Guitar Amp

Built from old knarled wood and covered in green moss, this amp looks like it has been lurking in a dark and haunted forest for centuries.

The front grille is adorned with intricate stick figures that should act as a stark warning to stay away from this cursed piece of equipment.

Cult Sacrifice

Cult Guitar Amp

Our final amp design looks to be located in some type of occult temple. It either represents an evil being that the cultists worship, or a human sacrifice is contained within, moments away from being set alight and suffering a horrendous fate.

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