17 Completely Bonkers Guitar Designs

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to weird guitar designs? Well, you haven’t! Check out these 17 crazy monstrosities – you won’t believe number 15 isn’t Photoshopped!

Crazy Guitar Designs

1. The Destroyer
Part guitar, part mandolin, and what’s the antennae for? A freaking theremin, that’s what! As if that wasn’t enough, the Destroyer comes complete with in-built effects, tuner and glow-in-the-dark capabilities thanks to its multitude of LED lights. Mark Dalzell is the creator of this quirky beast – plenty more photos on his Flickr page.

The Destroyer Guitar

2. Tennessee 15-String Bass
This one is for the extended range police – you know, those guys who get all high and mighty every time I talk about guitars with more than 6 strings? Well this over-the-top crazy bass has 15 strings – FIFTEEN!! How d’ya like them eggs? Recently spotted for sale on eBay UK.

Tennessee 15 String Bass Guitar

3. ZZ Zulu Warlord
Well, that’s what the gentleman selling this monstrosity on Craigslist christened it. This taxidermy special features a deerskin hide body covering, steer horns, and in case you didn’t notice them, the volume and tone knobs are sheep eyeballs. Although preferring cash, the seller was also willing to trade it for a live goat and vintage pygmy blow dart gun…

The Taxidermy Special Guitar

4. Grassroots GR-PPG
This has got to be the epitome of a ‘no-frills’ Strat! The GR-PPG is made by Grassroots for the Asian market.  Black, white and tortoise-shell variations are available – check them out here.

Grassroots GR-PPG Travel Guitar

5. The Swinger Guitar
Belt out a victory solo every time you serve an Ace with the Swinger tennis racket inspired guitar. The Swinger puts the soul of an electric guitar into a body inspired by vintage tennis rackets.

Swinger Tennis Racket Guitar

6. Bender Distortocaster
The Bender Distortocaster looks like it would be more at home in a Salvador Dali painting than in your lap. Although bizarre in appearance, these ultra-rare and ultra weird guitars are reported to be excellent players. Here’s a great YouTube video.

Bender Distortocaster

7. Rockin’ Chair
Ever wished your guitar was also a chair?  Yeah, me neither! What’s incredible is that after making the bass, the builder somehow thought it would be a great idea to build a guitar version as well.  Check them both out in action in this video. As far as weird guitar designs go, these are right up there!

Rockin Chair Bass Guitar

8. The NO-Caster
More a study of negative space than a guitar! Three kinds of aged plywood, recycled 27 inch inner tubes, many screws, tape. What more do you need? The No-Caster, designed by Eric Mecum can be played sitting down, but a guitar strap is preferred!

Eric Mecum Nocaster Guitar

9. Lego Guitars
Is there anything you can’t do with Lego? These two examples were created by Fosters Guitars.

Lego Guitars

10. Dewey Decibel’s Flipout Guitar
Most of the time when you hear about a guitar being flipped it’s a southpaw converting a righty guitar into a lefty. That’s not quite the case with these crazy guitars!  Find out more on the Dewey Decibel Guitars website.

Dewey Decibel Flipout Guitar

11. Lawsuit Proof Les Paul
Another design which takes the idea of flipping a guitar to extremes! Not too sure this is a real guitar, but an innovative idea nonetheless!

Lawsuit Proof Les Paul

12. Baster Stereo
While great as an art installation, i’m not quite sure about the practical qualities of this creative guitar! See it in action on Vimeo.

Baster Stereo Guitar

13. Wangcaster
You knew I had to include this infamous guitar in here somewhere!


14. Pikasso
Thought that 15 string bass was over the top? This guy has 42 strings of sheer and utter insanity. Check out this video which shows Pat Metheny giving it a workout.

Pikassi Guitar

15. Yoshihiko Satoh 12 Neck
The string count keeps on exploding! This beast has a whopping 72 strings! Another guitar which definitely falls under the art category.

Yoshihiko Satoh Guitar

16. Coon Dog Guitar
Wow, this one is super realistic! Looks like an actual dog asleep inside a guitar case.  Oh wait…it is.  My bad, next photo!

Dog Guitar

17. Teenar Girl Guitar
CREEPY.  That is all I’ve got to say.

Teenar Girl Guitar

Feeling inspired by these outlandish designs? This book may help you realise your dream!

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