Deal Alert – Harley Benton Sale

Harley Benton Sale

For their 70th anniversary, Thomann will be offering a fresh new set of killer guitar deals every month. Check out this month’s offers!

Hagstrom Left Handed Guitars & Basses

Left Handed Hagstrom Guitars

Check out the full range of Hagstrom left handed guitar and bass models currently available! Browse 8 amazing lefty guitars from the Swedish brand.

Left Handed Guitar Stores Directory

Left Handed Guitar Stores Directory

A list of guitar stores that specialize in left handed guitars, as well as a few lefty friendly shops that offer a better than average selection of lefties.

Left Handed Squier Guitars & Basses

Squier Left Handed Guitars

Looking for a left handed Squier guitar or bass? Take a read through this article for a quick summary of the entire left handed range!

The Guitar Acronym and Abbreviation List

Guitar Abbreviations and Acronyms

A comprehensive list of guitar related acronyms and abbreviations. Don’t know your FMT from your QMT? Then this is the article for you!