Epiphone Left Handed Guitars

Looking for a left-handed Epiphone but unsure which Epiphone left handed guitars are currently available? Take a quick read through this article and all shall be revealed! 

Epiphone was founded in 1873 by Anastasios Stathopoulos in Turkey and made its name by making fiddles and lutes. The company moved to the United States in 1903 where the business expanded its range of instruments and made a name for itself. Eventually in 1957 after a series of company strikes the brand was bought out by its main rival, Gibson Guitars.

It’s quite difficult to uncover left handed Epiphone guitars on the brand’s website as there is no longer a lefty section, so hopefully, this guide will help many of you out!

Does Epiphone Make Left Handed Guitars?

Yes! At the time of writing Epiphone currently offers 21 left handed guitars – 15 electrics, 5 acoustics, and 1 bass. The 2022 range includes 8 Les Pauls, 3 SGs, 4 archtops, 4 USA-made acoustics, a more affordable dreadnought acoustic, and one semi-hollow bass.

Left Handed Epiphone Guitars
A small example selection of left-handed Epiphone guitars

Read on to learn more about them!

Epiphone Left Handed Guitars

We’ll first look at the electric models, before moving on to acoustics, and then finally, basses.

At the very end I’ve also mentioned a few very special, limited edition models that you might not find anywhere else.

Epiphone Noel Gallagher Riviera Left Handed

Epiphone Noel Gallagher Riviera Left Handed

Brand new for 2022 is the left handed Epiphone Noel Gallagher Riviera, available in a classy dark red wine finish. Aside from the Casino, it is currently the only left handed Epiphone semi-hollow available.

This is the guitar you would have spotted Noel regularly rocking in the early Oasis days, and is painstakingly recreated from that original model. Check it out in action in the video for the seminal 1995 track ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger‘.

Main features include a 5-ply maple body with a maple centerblock for a crisp and balanced sound, an articulate 3-piece slim-c maple set neck with volute, and a 22 fret Indian laurel fingerboard for rich tones.

Two powerful alnico classic pro humbuckers serve up a ton of clarity, and separate volume and tone controls ensure plenty of tonal variety is on tap.

Learn more about the rich history of this new guitar in Epiphone’s video below.

  • Body : 5-Ply Layered Maple w/ Maple Centerblock
  • Neck : 3-Piece Maple (SlimTaper C Profile)
  • Fingerboard : 22 Fret Indian Laurel
  • Pickups : Alnico Classic Pro Humbuckers
  • Bridge : Tune-O-Matic
  • Tuners : Epiphone Premium Die Cast

Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50s Left Handed

epiphone left handed guitars

The Les Paul Standard 50s is part of Epiphone’s new ‘Inspired by Gibson‘ series and aims to recreate the tone and feel of a 1950s Les Paul. So you won’t find any modern features such as coil-tapping or weight-relief here, just pure unadulterated vintage character and classic rock ‘n’ roll vibe!

Main features include a comfortable 50s rounded medium c neck, and a warm and resonant mahogany body with a maple top. Versatile Alnico ProBucker humbuckers offer up that classic rock ‘n’ roll growl when pushed, and clean up real nice when you lay back.

Superior appointments on this tone machine include vintage deluxe tuners, quality 50s-style CTS electronics and wiring, plus a LockTone ABR Tune-O-Matic bridge.

Here’s a great overview of the left handed Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50s from Shane over at InTheBlues.

Available left handed in Metallic Gold, Heritage Cherry Sunburst, and Vintage Sunburst finishes.

  • Body : Mahogany (AAA Flame Maple Veneer on Figured Top Models)
  • Neck : Mahogany 50s Rounded Medium C
  • Fingerboard : Indian Laurel
  • Pickups : ProBucker 1 & 2 Humbuckers
  • Bridge : Tune-O-Matic
  • Tuners : Epiphone Vintage Deluxe

Epiphone Les Paul Standard 60s Left Handed

Epiphone Les Paul Standard 60s Left Handed

The Les Paul Standard 60s is a very similar guitar to the model above albeit with 1960s styling and hardware.

One of the biggest differences between the two models is that the neck on the 60s model is slimmer than on the 50s guitar. This makes forming chords very comfortable, and it is ideal for unleashing smooth lead runs.

This model also features ProBucker 2 and 3 humbuckers using Alnico II magnets. These offer up a rich and warm sound with bell-like trebles and a tight bottom end. The iconic fat and snarling sounds of a Les Paul are available, with sustain for days!

Here’s a great video demonstration of the left handed Epiphone Les Paul Standard 60s from Shane over at InTheBlues.

Other premium appointments include quality CTS electronics, a LockTone ABR Tune-O-Matic bridge, and nickel Grover Rotomatic tuners.

Available left handed in Iced Tea, Ebony, and Bourbon Burst finishes.

  • Body : Mahogany (AA Flame Maple Veneer on Figured Top Models)
  • Neck : Mahogany Slim Taper 60s C
  • Fingerboard : Indian Laurel
  • Pickups : ProBucker 2 & 3 Humbuckers
  • Bridge : Tune-O-Matic
  • Tuners : Grover Rotomatic Nickel

Epiphone Les Paul Custom Left Handed

Left Handed Epiphone Les Paul Custom

These two are the newest additions to the Epiphone left handed range and are part of their ‘Inspired by Gibson‘ series. They pay homage to the legendary 1954 classic which was designed by Les Paul himself as the classy ‘tuxedo’ version of his iconic guitar design.

And classy it certainly is! Featuring gold hardware, elegant multi-ply binding, Pearloid block inlays, and simple black or white finish options, the left handed Epiphone Les Paul Custom sure is a looker!

Era-appropriate appointments include a 60s style Kalamazoo headstock shape, 50s style wiring, quality CTS pots, and a rolled fingerboard for comfortable play. A set of Epiphone’s ProBucker humbuckers serve up full-fat Les Paul tones with plenty of clarity and bite.

Here’s a fantastic overview video of the new Les Paul Custom. Seriously, how good does this guitar sound!?

Available left handed in Alpine White and Ebony finishes.

  • Body : Mahogany
  • Neck : Mahogany Slim Taper 60s
  • Fingerboard : Ebony
  • Pickups : ProBucker 2 & 3 Humbuckers
  • Bridge : Tune-O-Matic
  • Tuners : Grover Rotomatic

Epiphone SG Standard Left Handed

epiphone left handed SG

The final offering from the ‘Inspired by Gibson‘ range is the left handed Epiphone SG Standard. It is based on the classic 1960s design that inspired so many of the first generation of rock and metal bands, such as Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Cream, and The Who.

These guitars feature the historic solid mahogany SG body shape and iconic ‘batwing’ scratchplate, as well as the original Kalamazoo headstock for that authentic and original look.

Other appointments include Epiphone Deluxe tuners, a comfortable slim taper neck, 60s style wiring, and quality CTS pots. Dual high-output Alnico Classic PRO humbucker helps serve up all of those authentic rock ‘n’ toll tones that the SG is so well known for.

Here’s a great demo video of the left handed Epiphone SG Standard from Shane over at InTheBlues.

Available left handed in Alpine White, Ebony, and Heritage Cherry finishes.

  • Body : Mahogany
  • Neck : Mahogany 60s Slim Taper
  • Fingerboard : Indian Laurel
  • Pickups : Alnico Classic PRO Humbuckers
  • Bridge : Tune-O-Matic
  • Tuners : Epiphone Deluxe

Epiphone Casino Left Handed

Epiphone Casino Left Handed

The Casino has been Epiphone’s top-selling archtop since it was first introduced in 1961. A left handed Epiphone Casino was previously available back in 2014 that was insanely popular, so it seems odd that Epiphone took this long to bring it back!

Available left handed in Vintage Sunburst.

  • Body : Layered Maple w/ Basswood Bracing
  • Neck : Mahogany Slim Taper D
  • Fingerboard : Pau Ferro
  • Pickups : Dogear P-90R (Bridge) & P90T (Neck)
  • Bridge : LockTone Tune-O-Matic
  • Tuners : Epiphone Vintage Style

Epiphone Casino USA Left Handed

Wait, a USA-made Epiphone?!

These guitars are handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana by Gibson’s best luthiers, and as such, they command a price tag that you would normally associate with a Gibson model. A whole new venture from Epiphone for sure so it’ll be interesting to see how they fare!

  • Body : 3-ply Maple/Polar/Maple
  • Neck : Solid Mahogany Rounded C
  • Fingerboard : Indian Rosewood
  • Pickups : Gibson USA Dogear P-90s
  • Bridge : ABR-1
  • Tuners : Vintage Deluxe

Texan USA Epiphone Left Handed Guitars

epiphone left handed acoustic guitars

The Epiphone Texan was first introduced in 1958 and has been played and loved by countless artists, including Paul McCartney, Peter Frampton, and Noel Gallagher.

It features an all-solid construction, with mahogany back and sides, spruce top, mahogany neck, and Indian rosewood fingerboard. A longer scale length than typical Gibson and Epiphone acoustics gives the Texan a little more drive and clarity.

A quality LR Baggs VTC acoustic pickup system allows for incredible live sound, with a removable volume control located just within the soundhole.

Available left handed in Antique Natural and Vintage Sunburst finishes.

  • Body Back/Sides : Solid Mahogany
  • Body Top : Solid Spruce
  • Neck : Mahogany Round D
  • Fingerboard : Indian Rosewood
  • Bridge : Indian Rosewood
  • Tuners : Grover Cream Button

Epiphone Frontier USA Left Handed

Epiphone Frontier USA Left Handed Acoustic

Another pair of USA-made Epiphone acoustics!

Available left handed in Antique Natural and Frontier Burst finishes.

  • Body Back/Sides : Solid Figured Maple
  • Body Top : Solid Sitka Spruce
  • Neck : Mahogany Round C
  • Fingerboard : Indian Rosewood
  • Bridge : Indian Rosewood
  • Tuners : Gotoh Keystone

Epiphone Songmaker DR-100 Acoustic Left Handed

epiphone left handed guitar

The final left handed Epiphone guitar currently available is the affordable DR-100 acoustic from their ‘Original Acoustic Collection‘. This guitar is Epiphone’s best-selling acoustic and will make an ideal first guitar for budding southpaw fingerpickers and strummers alike.

Main features include a select spruce top, mahogany back and sides, a comfortable slim mahogany neck, and premium Epiphone tuners.

  • Body Back/Sides : Mahogany
  • Body Top : Select Spruce
  • Neck : Mahogany Slim-Taper C
  • Tuners : Epiphone Premium Die-Cast

Jack Casady Bass

Epiphone Left Handed Jack Casady Bass

Update July 2022. The bass is no longer listed on the Epiphone website, but it is still available in stores. Grab one soon if interested!

The left Handed Epiphone Jack Casady bass is currently the only southpaw bass that the brand offers. Epiphone bills it as the world’s most popular semi-hollow electric bass, and now we lefties can get our grubby southpaws on one!

A hollow cavity offers up that resonant acoustic thump, while the maple body helps brighten up the attack. The JCB-1 pickups were specially designed by Jack Casady and Epiphone to really highlight the natural bass tone while boosting clarity.

A huge range of tones are available thanks to the bass’s special VariTone control. This allows you to vary the impedance of the pickup from 50 to 500 ohms, allowing you to go from a full-fat tone to a thinner sound with tones of bite – and everything in between!

Available left handed in Metallic Gold.

  • Body : Layered Maple
  • Neck : Mahogany
  • Fingerboard : Indian Laurel
  • Pickups : JCB-1 Low-Impedance Humbucker
  • Bridge : Tune-O-Matic
  • Tuners : Diecast with Clover Buttons

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Uses Epiphone Guitars?

A huge number of influential guitarists play and endorse Epiphone. Artists with their own signature guitars include Alex Lifeson, Jared James Nichols, Lzzy Hale, Tommy Thayer, Joe Bonamassa, Slash, Brendon Small, Noel Gallagher, and Nancy Wilson amongst many others.

Where Are Epiphone Guitars Made?

The majority of Epiphone guitars are now built in China after Gibson opened a factory in Qingdao in 2004. Recently, Epiphone has also introduced their USA Collection, which is built in Gibson’s Montana factory in the USA.

Does Gibson Own Epiphone?

Yes! Epiphone and Gibson were rival guitar brands until Gibson purchased the company in 1957. Today, Epiphone mainly offers budget versions of Gibson guitars, but has also recently started to produce higher-end USA-made models.

Epiphone Website

The Epiphone website isn’t ideal when it comes to showing off the brand’s southpaw stable. To discover which guitars are available left handed it is necessary to browse through every individual model and finish color on the site to see if a ‘left‘ option appears.

Good thing I put this guide together for you then!

They did previously have a lefty section on their site, so it would be great to see that making a return in the future.

For more information:
Epiphone Website

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