Newbie Series : The Ultimate Guide For New Guitarists

How To Learn Guitar

So you want to learn to play guitar or bass but are unsure of where to start? This eight-part guide will clue you in on everything you need to know when starting out with your new hobby. Includes beginner gear recommendations!

Best Beginner Guitar Amplifiers

Best Beginner Guitar Amps

In part 5 of the Newbie Guide we take a look at some excellent budget guitar and bass amps which are aimed at the beginner player.

7 : Guitar Effects Pedals For Beginners

Best Beginner Guitar Effects Pedals

Learn all you need to know about effects! Includes a list of quality guitar and bass effects units for beginners that won’t break the bank.

8 : Guitar Accessories

Best Beginner Guitar Accessories

There’s a never-ending variety of different accessories for guitar available. Find out which you absolutely need to have around, and which are optional extras.

9 : Left Handed Guitar Lessons

Best Beginner Guitar Lessons

The final part of our Newbie Guide looks at how new guitar players should choose the method of learning that is best suited to their particular situation.