New Left-Handed Gibson SG Standard P-90 Guitars

Good news for southpaw SG fans as we’ve just spotted a new Gibson SG Standard which is available left-handed!  This new model has the same appointments as the SG Standard, but is equipped with a pair of juicy P-90 pickups.

The new Gibson SG Standard P-90 is available in Ebony and Heritage Cherry finishes, and as with the new 2012 Les Paul Standard, all finishes are available left-handed! The Gibson site is listing the MSRP at $1499, however expect the street price to be roughly $999 (includes hardcase).

Gibson SG Standard P-90 Left-Handed Guitar

Gibson SG Standard P90 Left-Handed Guitars Lefty

Body : Mahogany
Neck : Mahogany
Fingerboard : Baked Mahogany
Radius : 12”
Bridge : Tune-O-Matic
Tuners : TonePros Kluson
Pickups : P-90 (Alnico V)
Finishes : Ebony, Heritage Cherry

As is customary on the Gibson website, these guitars (and quite a few other lefties) don’t show up in the left-handed section.  So follow the link below to find the detailed specifications of this new guitar.

For more information:
Gibson SG Standard P90 Website

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