New Left-Handed Gibson SG Standard P-90 Guitars

Good news for southpaw SG fans as we’ve just spotted a new Gibson SG Standard which is available left-handed!  This new model has the same appointments as the SG Standard, but is equipped with a pair of juicy P-90 pickups.

The new Gibson SG Standard P-90 is available in Ebony and Heritage Cherry finishes, and as with the new 2012 Les Paul Standard, all finishes are available left-handed! The Gibson site is listing the MSRP at $1499, however expect the street price to be roughly $999 (includes hardcase).

The Current Range Of Gibsons

Stop right there! This is a pretty old article, so maybe you’d prefer to check out the current selection of southpaw Gibsons instead?

Head over to my huge left handed Gibson guitar and bass guide to see the entire range that Gibson is currently offering.

If not, here is the information you came here for!..

Gibson SG Standard P-90 Left-Handed Guitar

Gibson SG Standard P90 Left-Handed Guitars Lefty

Body : Mahogany
Neck : Mahogany
Fingerboard : Baked Mahogany
Radius : 12”
Bridge : Tune-O-Matic
Tuners : TonePros Kluson
Pickups : P-90 (Alnico V)
Finishes : Ebony, Heritage Cherry

As is customary on the Gibson website, these guitars (and quite a few other lefties) don’t show up in the left-handed section.  So follow the link below to find the detailed specifications of this new guitar.

For more information:
Gibson SG Standard P90 Website

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