Left Handed 1/2 Size Guitars For Children (Acoustic & Electric)

Half Size Left Handed Guitars For Kids

Looking for left handed 1/2 size guitars for children, or perhaps for use as a handy travel-sized instrument? You’re in the right place!

Half-sized guitars are difficult to find in general, so as you can imagine, left handed options aren’t exactly a dime a dozen! However, there are some great options available which I have listed throughout this guide.

Of course, there’s always the option of restringing a right handed guitar upside down. It’s preferable to pick up a bona fide lefty, but at this introductory phase of guitar, it can be a satisfactory temporary option if you struggle to source a proper 1/2 size left handed guitar model.

Left Handed 1/2 Size Guitar

As a general rule of thumb, 1/2 size guitars are the correct size for kids aged around 3-8, or from roughly 3’7″ and over.

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All of these left handed half size guitar picks feature all of the guitar parts you need, and none that you don’t. Here are a few stand-out choices that I can recommend.

You will find separate sections for classical, acoustic, and electric left handed 1/2 size guitars below. You can click one of the links below to go straight to the instruments that you are interested in.

Left Handed 1/2 Size Classical Guitars

These classical guitars all feature soft nylon strings that should be much gentler on young (and old!) fingers.

Master Play Package

Left Handed Half Size Classical Guitar

On a budget, this handy little package from Master Play will be a great choice for budding young guitarists. Everything needed to start with guitar is bundled in, including a gig bag, capo, tuner, strap, spare strings, and a selection of picks.

To sweeten the deal even further, the Master Play package is available in eight different colors! So there should be a choice for all tastes here.

The instrument itself has a basswood body and neck for a warm sound as well as a child-friendly light overall weight.

Interestingly, Master Play has supplied this guitar with steel strings for the thicker strings, and nylon for the three thinnest. As a result, the guitar should be able to handle classical styles of music as well as more modern genres whilst still remaining easy on the fingers.

This will make an excellent budget half-size left-handed guitar for a child. The only choice you have to make is, what color? Check them all out at the link above.

Cordoba R121 & R122

Left Handed Half Size Nylon String Guitar

For a more premium option, you can check out the Ortega R121 (shown above), or the R122 (displayed below). There is obviously a steeper price tag compared to the Master Play package above, but this also comes with much-improved build quality and playability.

These two left handed 1/2 size guitars are exactly the same, with the only difference being that the R121 has a spruce top, and the R22 has cedar. Cedar is the most commonly used top wood on a classical guitar thanks to its warmer tone. Spruce will offer a brighter, punchier sound. However, it’s unlikely your child will notice any difference, so personally, I would choose whichever you think looks best!

Aside from the tops, the main features include a mahogany body and neck for a nice warm sound, an 18-fret walnut fingerboard, a walnut bridge, and stable classical-style tuners.

Ortega R122 Classical 1/2 Size Left Handed Guitar

Another upgrade over the Master Play package above is the inclusion of a two-way truss rod inside the neck. This is used to reverse the warping effects that changes in humidity and temperature might have on the guitar’s neck.

Aside from the higher price, the only real downside to the two Ortegas is that they do not come bundled with any accessories such as a handy tuner, or even some spare strings. However, it does ship with a super high-quality gig bag to protect the instrument.

For those after a real quality left handed 1/2 size classical guitar, one of these two Ortegas is going to be very hard to beat!

If you’re looking for a 1/4 size left handed guitar, the Ortegas do also come in this size. Although, they are much harder to find and will probably be a special order through your local guitar store.

Left Handed 1/2 Size Acoustic Guitars

Washburn OGHS Package

Left Handed 1/2 Size Acoustic Guitar

Left handed 1/2 size acoustic guitars are a niche within a niche. As a result, the choices aren’t exactly overwhelming! Luckily, Oscar Schmidt has us covered with their excellent OGHS dreadnought model.

For those who aren’t aware, the Oscar Schmidt range of guitars is produced by Washburn, so you know you’re getting a quality instrument with one of these.

The body is constructed from catalpa, and has a select spruce top to help brighten up the sounds produced. A slim mahogany neck is paired with a 20-fret fingerboard, and the guitar has rock-solid tuning stability thanks to its quality die-cast tuners.

Don’t mistake the OGHS for a toy, as it has all of the features of a full-sized acoustic. This includes an adjustable truss rod so that you can give your axe a guitar setup for optimum playability. Oscar Schmidt even supplies the guitar with a lifetime warranty!

It is available as a left handed 1/2 size guitar in black, but you may also be able to find it in a natural finish depending on the current stock.

The OGHS will make a brilliant first acoustic guitar for children. Alternatively, it could also be an excellent choice for a left handed travel guitar for adults. Check it out at the link above.

If you have trouble finding stock of the OGHS, don’t be afraid to grab one of the right handed models to string upside-down. Click here to check out the right handed OGHS guitars. It isn’t an ideal solution, but it will certainly get you by until your child can move up to a 3/4-sized lefty model.

Left Handed 1/2 Size Electric Guitars

SX RST Package

Left Handed Half Size Electric Guitar

There aren’t a ton of options when it comes to 1/2 size left handed electric guitars, so the choice here is fairly straightforward! The SX RST bundle from RondoMusic offers almost everything your child will need to get started with electric guitar.

This 1/2 size left handed guitar package includes a pocket amp with headphones, a cable, a strap, and a handy gigbag. So, the only accessory you will need to source yourself is a guitar tuner.

The SX RSTs come with a handy headphone amp for quiet practice, but if you’d like to rock out loud then check out our guide to beginner guitar amps.

The guitars themselves are your classic Fender Stratocaster style models, which are a great choice for almost any genre of music. Three single-coil pickups paired with a 5-way selector switch offer up a huge variety of different tones.

The main features include a lightweight basswood body, maple neck and full 21-fret rosewood fingerboard, and a vintage-style tremolo system. The entire guitar weighs in at a paltry 7 pounds.

The shorter 23″ scale length makes it ideal for small hands, or it would also be an excellent travel-sized guitar. The only choice you have to make is, what color? Check the SX RST packages out at the link above.

1/2 Sized Left Handed Bass Guitars

Don’t even waste your time. Check out my three-quarter size article for some short scale left handed bass options.

Final Thoughts

Of course, depending on where you live you may not be able to find any guitars at all.  After all, the ½ sized market is incredibly niche already, and it can be hard enough finding a right handed guitar in this size bracket.

So if you can’t find what you need, you may want to consider moving up to a ¾ sized guitar, as these are much more readily available and are generally no more expensive than their ½ sized counterparts. 

A ¾ sized guitar may be slightly more of a handful for younger kids, but it will make the transition to full-size guitars that much easier later on. Take a look at this video of some children playing guitars that are bigger than they are!  After watching that a 3/4-sized model might not seem too big after all…

Check out my 3/4 Sized Left Handed Guitars Guide as well! A fun, and even smaller option for a child would be a lefty ukulele!

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