1/2 Size Left Handed Guitars For Small Children

Half Size Left Handed Guitars For Kids

Are you a parent looking for a smaller sized left handed guitar for your child to begin learning on? This article is aimed at you!  We’ll split it up into two parts – this first article will discuss half sized left handed guitar options and the second post will look at ¾ sized options.

Half sized guitars are difficult to find in general, so as you can imagine, left handed options aren’t exactly a dime a dozen! However, you should be able to find something fairly easily on the internet, a few of which I have listed below. As a general rule of thumb, 1/2 size guitars are the correct size for kids aged around 3-8, or from roughly 3’7″ and over.

Of course there’s always the option of restringing a right handed guitar upside down.  It’s preferable to pick up a bona fide lefty, but at this introductory phase of guitar it can be a satisfactory temporary option if you struggle to source a left handed model.

All of these instruments feature all of the guitar parts you need, and none that you don’t. Here are a few stand-out choices that I can recommend.

Popular ½ Sized Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Half Size Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

1. Washburn Oscar Schmidt OGHS Natural – link
2. Washburn Oscar Schmidt OGHS Black
 – link
3. MasterPlay 1/2 Size Classical Kit – link
4. Omega Classical link

The choice here is pretty straightforward! If you’re after a steel string acoustic, simply pick up an Oscar Schmidt OGHS in your choice of either natural or black. The Oscar Schmidt range of guitars is produced by Washburn, so you know you’re getting a quality instrument with one of these. These two are definitely LeftyFretz reader favorites judging from the lovely emails I get from happy owners.

If you have trouble finding stock of the OGHS, don’t be afraid to grab one of the right handed models to string upside-down. Click here to check out the right handed models. These guitars are symmetrical so there won’t be a massive difference playing them upside down, plus you’ll have a few extra colors to choose from!

Another great choice for a 1/2 sized left handed acoustic is the MasterPlay package, which includes everything needed to get started. Unlike the Oscar Schmidt above, these guitars use nylon strings which are a little easier on the fingers. This kit includes a gigbag, strap, picks, and even a fresh set of spare strings and is available in 7 fantastic colors.

On a budget, why not check out the affordable Omega range? These guitars are available in either natural or pink from our friends over at RondoMusic. Both would make a lovely first instrument for your budding young guitarist, and even come with a gigbag for their imminent first show!

Popular ½ Sized Left Handed Electric Guitars

Half Sized Left Handed Electric Guitars

1. SX RST Sunburst Package link
2. SX RST Red Packagelink
3. SX RST Purple Packagelink
4. Axl Headliner – ½ and ¾ size available

Again, we aren’t exactly overwhelmed with options, so the choice here is also fairly straightforward! The SX RST from RondoMusic offers everything your child will need to get started with electric guitar.

The package includes a pocket amp with headphones, lead, strap, gigbag and even an instructional DVD. Choose your favorite color and dive in! The Axl is also a fine choice, but might prove a little difficult to find out in the wilds!

The SX RSTs come with a handy headphone amp for quiet practice, but if you’d like to rock out loud then check out our guide to beginner guitar amps.

Popular 1/2 Sized Left Handed Bass Guitars

Don’t even waste your time.  Check out the next article for some short scale left handed bass options.

Final Thoughts

Of course, depending on where you live you may not be able to find any guitars at all.  After all, the ½ sized market is incredibly niche already, and it can be hard enough finding a right handed guitar in this size bracket.

So if you can’t find what you need, you may want to consider moving up to a ¾ sized guitar, as these are much more readily available and are generally no more expensive than their ½ sized counterparts.  A ¾ sized guitar may be slightly more of a handful for younger kids, but it will make the transition to full size guitars that much easier later on.  Take a look at this video of some children playing guitars which are bigger than they are!  After watching that a 3/4 sized model might not seem too big after all…

Check out the 3/4 Sized Left Handed Guitars Guide as well! A fun, and even smaller option for a child would be a lefty ukulele!

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