Harley Benton Left Handed Guitars & Basses

Wondering which Harley Benton left handed guitars and basses are currently available? Let’s take a look!

Harley Benton is the in-house brand for European music retailer Musikhaus Thomann. They offer a huge variety of different guitars and basses, covering many different genres and playstyles.

The majority of their instruments are very affordable with prices ranging from as little as €69 (around $80 USD), to just under €600 (roughly $700 USD) at the higher end.

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Does Harley Benton Make Left Handed Guitars?

Yes! At the time of writing, Thomann lists a whopping 105 left-handed guitars and basses. This is composed of 79 electric guitars, 15 acoustic guitars, and 11 basses.

Harley Benton Left Handed Guitars
A small selection of lefty Harley Benton guitars

This number includes various beginner left handed guitar packages which are also available. These provide everything needed for new players to get started with guitar or bass.

Where To Buy Harley Benton Guitars?

Harley Benton instruments are available exclusively from Musikhaus Thomann in Germany. Here are some handy links in case you would like to browse the entire current lefty range.

Affordable worldwide shipping options are available. If you end up purchasing a guitar through one of these links I will make a small commission – thank you!

Here’s a great tour video from the Thomann Gearhead University which showcases a ton of the different models.

Harley Benton Left Handed Guitars

The Harley Benton southpaw range is fairly huge and constantly expanding, so I’m not going to list every single model in this article. Instead, I will provide an overview of the various ranges and what types of guitars you can expect to find in each.

I’d encourage you to use the links above to browse the full collection as they will always be up to date.

Harley Benton Lefty Electric Guitars

The brand offers a ton of different lefty electric guitars, most of which are ultra-affordable. Most styles are covered, with everything from your typical Strat-style guitars and single-cuts, to hollow-bodies, 7-strings, baritones, and even headless designs. They also provide instruments inspired by iconic guitars, such as Slash’s Appetite for Destruction single-cut.

Harley Benton left handed electric guitars
A small selection of lefty Harley Benton guitars

Prices range from just €73 (roughly $85 USD) at the lower end to €599 (around $700 USD) for a 7-string super-shredder!

Harley Benton splits their electric guitar models up into the following different ranges.

Student Series. These are the most affordable guitars offered by Harley Benton and are aimed at new players looking for their first instrument. At the time of writing, there are 2 left-handed models – 1 Les Paul style and 1 SG style.

Standard Series. Another very affordable range from Harley Benton, this series consists of a number of Strat and Tele style models which will be ideal for both new players and those seeking a budget second guitar.

Pro Series. The Pro Series comprises a number of fusion-inspired guitars which will be perfect for those of you who love to shred it up. A variety of superstrat and supertele models are available, featuring high output humbuckers and fast, comfortable necks.

Tribute Series. As you’d expect, this range is comprised of a number of iconic instruments which are closely related to a specific artist. As far as left handed models are concerned, we are currently offered a number of Explorer-style guitars, a design that you don’t often see as a lefty!

Harley Benton Left Handed
A small selection of lefty Harley Benton guitars

Classic Series. The Harley Benton Classic Series includes guitars that represent a great moment in rock’n’roll history. Although the lefty range is fairly small, it does include some legendary Les Paul styles and one more Explorer design.

Vintage Series. This range seems to be pretty much the same as the Classic Series above, with a different selection of iconic guitar designs from rock history. Here we have some awesome lefty guitars including SGs, Les Paul Juniors, ES-335s, Jazzmaster styles, and more!

Progressive Series. This modern range is a far throw from the traditional guitar designs from most of the other collections. It includes 6 and 7-string metal machines, as well as a baritone guitar for those who like to tune down low.

Deluxe Series. Finally, we have the Deluxe Range, which is a series that at least looks like it costs more than it does! Guitars include select woods and premium appointments such as figured tops and branded pickups. For left handed models you’ll find some PRS style designs, a handful of stunning single-cuts, and a few delicious Tele style models.

Harley Benton Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

As I’ve already touched on at the top of the page, 15 Harley Benton left handed acoustic guitars are currently offered (including packages). You can see a small sample of models in the image below, but make sure to use the links above to see the full collection.

Harley Benton Left Handed Acoustic Guitar
A small selection of lefty Harley Benton acoustic guitars

The majority of acoustic guitars are part of Harley Benton’s Custom Line series. This range is marketed as being an affordable collection of boutique-style instruments. They include appointments such as selected woods, premium hardware, and quality pickup systems.

There are also a handful of models available from their Standard Series. These guitars are generally the most affordable designs that Harley Benton offers.

At the time of writing, the cost of a left-handed Harley Benton acoustic ranges from just €69 (roughly $80 USD) to €229 (around $270 USD).

Make sure to check the link at the top of the page where you’ll find an up-to-date list of all lefty acoustic models currently available.

Harley Benton Left Handed Bass Guitars

As I’ve already mentioned above, at the time of writing there are 30 left handed Harley Benton basses. This number is made up of 25 4-string basses and five 5-string models.

Check out the full range using the links below

Some really interesting options are available here including a couple of very cool Rickenbacker-inspired basses and some retro 50s style P-basses.

Harley Benton Left Handed Bass
A small selection of lefty Harley Benton bass guitars

Most models are inspired by recognizable basses from rock history, however, we do also get a couple of modern designs from the brand’s Progressive Series.

Here is a list of the currently available basses from each series.

Standard Series. Harley Benton offers a P-bass in black, Jazz bass in sunburst, and a short 30″ scale length P-bass.

Vintage Series. In this collection we have a 70s inspired Jazz bass in both natural and sunburst, as well as a 50’s style P-bass in sunburst and fiesta red.

Classic Series. The Classic Series offers up a Rickenbacker-inspired model in both cherry sunburst and black.

Progressive Series. Finally, we have two more modern-designed basses in both 4 and 5-string configurations. Available only in that old lefty favorite finish – black!

The prices currently range from as little as €89 (roughly $105 USD) to a still very affordable €219 (around $255 USD).

Check out the full range using the links at the top of this page.

Are Harley Benton Guitars Any Good?

Personally, I cannot comment, having never tried one. However, I can say that recently the reviews of these affordable guitars are overwhelmingly positive. It sounds like they are a lot of guitar for the little money that it costs to own one.

Thomann is a huge company – monstrous you might say. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe they are the largest online musical instrument retailer in the world. As such, they have enormous buying power, which helps to really keep the cost of these guitars very low.

Check out the video below in which Shane from InTheBlues compares the Harley Benton TE-52 against the left handed Fender guitar it is inspired by (which costs 10x more).

The favorable reviews, coupled with budget-friendly pricing make them a great prospect for new and experienced players alike. They are also generally considered as being a fantastic base for modding.

Harley Benton Website

The Harley Benton website has a brilliant filter that easily lets us quickly discover all of the left-handed models.

However, I found that the Thomann website listed quite a few additional models. In addition, there was at least one guitar I spotted that wasn’t included in the filter.

For that reason, I’d recommend using the Thomann links at the top of the page for the most up-to-date list of available lefties.

For more information:
Harley Benton Website

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