Left For Dead – New UK Based Lefty Guitar Store

Left For Dead is a new UK-based guitar store, specialising in left handed guitars. Although having only launched in September 2016, they already have a really interesting range of lefties available. Find out more about them below!

Left For Dead Rocks Guitar Store

Paul Jones, a devoted lefty and avid collector of left-handed guitars is the man behind this cool new online store. Appropriately named Left for Dead, a humorous reference to the fact so many left-handed models are sat at the back of music stores gathering dust. This new online store offers a comprehensive selection of sought after, vintage and affordable acoustic and electric left-handed guitars for musicians of all abilities.

We all know it’s a numbers game – there’s fewer left-handed people in the world and manufacturers as well as retailers need to make a profit. It has forced this niche and an expensive one at that, especially when most of the left-handed models are given a premium price tag and in some cases, aren’t made so well. It’s more of a trial than a chore to find a decent left-handed guitar and then you pay top dollar for it. Something that Paul knows only too well…

Left For Dead Left Handed Guitars

Based in Cambridgeshire, Paul is a natural born lefty and has been through all the frustrations buying left-handed guitars, trying to find the ‘ultimate’ one – the keeper, the guitar you’ll jam with for the rest of your life. After struggling for so long to find decent quality left-handed guitars, and knowing that all lefties want is the same amount of choice as righties, he decided to set up Left for Dead.

And choice is about more than just aesthetics, which is why the Left for Dead range is so good. Paul considers comfort as an important factor – when there’s a limited choice out there, finding something that fits snug and is comfortable to hold is a challenge, but he accounts for that across the stocked range. Tone is important too, Paul knows that once you have taken the time to not only learn to play a guitar, but be committed to playing as a leftie, you want your instrument to have vibe, to sound awesome. Everything that Paul sells on his website is tried and tested first – if he doesn’t like it, he won’t sell it.

Paul Jones Guitar Shop

The site went live in September last year and since then has attracted a lot of interest from keen lefties. Paul explains, “I can’t say I’m surprised, it really is dire out there if you want to shop around and buy a decent left-handed guitar. And it’s a big financial investment, so you want to know that what you’re buying is right for you. I don’t just want to flog as many guitars as I can, I want to be able to match lefties up with the guitar of their dreams.”

Paul offers a ‘try before you buy’ service from Cambridgeshire where interested lefties can come and have a jam, to make sure what they have seen on the website is really right for them. He takes the time to understand what his customers want and if he hasn’t got something that fits their needs, he does his best to source it. “Since starting Left for Dead, I have been able to increase my supplier base and bring an even better choice for my customers,” says Paul. “A lot of lefties are collectors of left-handed guitars, down to the lack of choice and the fact only a few of some of the most famous models were made left-handed. The vintage, collector models I stock have been some of the most popular.”

Cambridge Lefty Guitar Store

The Left for Dead range also features lefties with customised relic work, something Paul does together with a professional luthier he works with in Cambridge. Breathing new life aesthetically into an instrument that still has plenty of mileage brings a lefty that not only plays fantastically, but is truly unique.

And what does the future hold? Paul plans to expand the store and the choice of left-handed guitars available. He sees the opportunity for turning what has traditionally been a challenge, into an enjoyable experience. He wants buying a left-handed guitar to be more than just an online purchase – from jamming sessions and lefty advice columns, to interactive instrument demonstrations.

Left Handed Cole Clark Acoustic Guitars

Right now, there really is something for all lefties with the Left for Dead range – whether you want acoustic, electric, bass, a true collectable, or something to start out with, Paul has got it covered. And he’s always happy to give advice on lefties, so get in touch if you aren’t sure exactly what it is that you want. See Paul’s range of left-handed guitars at www.leftfordead.rocks and remember – lefties rock!

For More Information:
Left For Dead Website

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