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How manly is your guitar? I’d wager that it isn’t as manly as an instrument from Canada based Liquid Metal Guitars!  I thought my guitars were fairly butch until I stumbled across these guys…

You see, what makes these guitars so unbelievably bad-ass is that they are carved from a slab of aircraft grade aluminium! If Chuck Norris wanted a guitar…well if Chuck Norris wanted a guitar he’d roundhouse kick the crap out of a tank until it resembled one…but if he was in a rush – Liquid Metal Guitars would be his first port of call!

Liquid Metal Guitars (LMG) have been producing instruments for a while now but have only recently begun to offer their Telecaster style LMG T model in a left handed option.  The LMG T is available with or without a Bigsby B5 vibrato system and starts at an RRP of $3100 USD.

Liquid Metal Guitars LMG T Bigsby Left Handed Lefty

Owner Phil Cook was kind enough to send me some information about the guitar.

September 16th 2010
The Liquid Metal Guitar Company has started shipping our new LMG-T Bigsby left handed model.

“Every time we put out a news release somebody would write me and ask ‘when are you putting out a left handed model?”  says Phil Cook, Owner of The Liquid Metal Guitar Co. “ Well, now I can say,  right now! We started shipping the first orders out today. This is a great addition to our guitar offerings. ”

The guitar has a left handed Bigsby B5 tremolo system, with a few our special tweaks to the B5 and the Gotoh Roller Bridge. This guitar stays in tune.

A Seymour Duncan LMG Custom Wind “Phat Cat” Pickup in the neck position, creates a beautiful buttery tone and a hot “Lil 59’ Seymour Duncan Custom wind in the bridge position gives this guitar a ton of tonal options.

We use the Gotoh, right side tuners, always fantastic Gotoh quality built specifically for the left handed neck.

Custom LMG Aluminum volume and tone controls.

The neck is made of Canadian hard rock maple, with an ebony fret board and our exceptional finishing fret work.

We cut our own neck nuts, to ensure that the fit is absolutely perfect to the neck and strings. Our guitars are shipping with DR Tite Fit Strings, our custom 10-49 set.

The body is machined from a solid block of aircraft grade 6061 T6 Aluminum to proprietary thickness. Top and sides are contiguous, which creates a rigidity to the body that creates our amazing warm tone and note bloom. One of the other fantastic results of our metal bodies is that they shield the guitar so well that there is no hum. Studios are using them because of that, it is a quiet and pure guitar sound.

Our guitar bodies are clear-coated with an exceptionally hard, high gloss, scratch resistant clear coat that enhances the depth perception of the finish on the body.

Switchcraft jacks, pots and switches are used in all our guitars.

Aside from being forged in the most butch of fashions, the LMG T is also an incredibly classy looking guitar and could easily sit comfortably in almost any musical situation.  Take a look at the video below which shows well-dressed artist Jay Leonard jamming on the LMG T – looks great, sounds great!

Liquid Metal Guitar Lefty Perspective Liquid Metal Guitar Lefty Body View Liquid Metal Guitar Lefty Angle View Liquid Metal Guitar Lefty Rear View
Click the images above for a larger view

This guitar is a real head turner and is just crammed full of new innovations never before seen in guitar design.  If the LMG-T was a computer it would be a MacBook Pro – top of the line, incredibly beautiful and innovatively brilliant in design.  The hum shielding qualities, the thinner than usual body, the specialist clear-coat, the custom pickups etc etc.. every little design feature of the guitar is new and exciting and just screams intrigue.  Liquid Metal Guitars have really produced something special here that is completely unique to anything I’ve seen before.

I’ve been running this website for a while now and I’ve looked at thousands of left handed guitars, but I’ve never come across a design I’ve loved as much as the LMG T – it works, and it works well, both aesthetically and functionally!  This one is definitely going on the LeftyFretz G.A.S list, one day I’ll have one, oh yes!

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