21 Mean Tweets Proving the World HATES Left Handed Guitarists

Mean Tweets About Left Handed Guitarists

Since starting this website back in 2010, I’ve been using Twitter (follow me!). It’s a great platform for chatting with readers, getting the latest news from brands and artists, and seeing what people are talking about in the guitar world.

It can also be an absolute cesspool of complete hell-people… A place where grammar and intelligence are flung out of the window, and hatred flows unabated.

Over the years I’ve made sure to bookmark any mean tweets that I came across which were targeted at us left handed guitarists. I don’t know why, but some people just really don’t seem to like us!

I’ve also included a few which are less ‘mean‘, and more….bizarre.

All of these mean tweets are 100% genuine and unedited. I hope they give you a good laugh!

21 Mean Tweets About Left Handed Guitarists

1. Let’s start things off fairly tame. Blunt and to the point.

2. Surely there are better things to pray for? Think bigger!

3. This guy agrees with the girl above regarding the disgusting thing.

4. Doubly disgusting. Are you one of those people who think left handed people are evil?

5. Don’t worry, it’s all an illusion!

6. Slender man ain’t got nothin’ on us southpaws!

7. Or you could try just, you know, sitting opposite them.

8. I always knew I was different! When I join the X-Men can I be called South Paw? Or wait….SINISTRO!

9. My deepest condolences. You may as well just end it all now… #1stWorldProblems

10. There’s plenty good lefty guitars in Texas though!

11. I’m assuming this guy is talking about Justin Bieber. While he is indeed a famous left handed guitarist, I cannot confirm if he’s an asshole or not.

12. Oh yeah? Well i’m rubber and you’re glue. How d’ya like them eggs?

13. Actually, there IS a left handed piano. #CheckYourFacts #Owned

14. Things are getting violent!

15. Things are getting more violent!

16. Alright blurry Twitter guy, calm down! Jeez…

17. I believe you just got OWNED, sir… There are plenty of other famous lefties who would also prove otherwise.

18. My guitars are my only friends, and I hate them both. Also…what???

19. Ever heard of Sinistrophobia? Cos, you know…you might have it.

20. At least you can admit that your argument is flawed!

21. OK, this last guy isn’t really being mean. More…insane.

Hope these 21 mean tweets gave you a good giggle!

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