15 Hilarious But True Guitar Pie Charts (Funny Guitar Jokes)

Funny Guitar Jokes

Who doesn’t love a good old pie chart? Well, maybe not the ones you used to learn in school. But, these funny guitar jokes are a little different and are sure to inject a little slice of humor…

Below you’ll find 15 hilarious but true pie charts that we guitar players can resonate with. That is apart from the final 3, which probably only us southpaws will be able to appreciate!

Funny Guitar Jokes As Pie Charts

Let’s kick off this list with the only two reasons why any guitarist has ever taken up the instrument.

Funny Guitar Pie Chart

Sometimes restringing your guitar can feel like participating in an extreme sport where vital appendages could very well be lost at a moment’s notice!

Funny Guitar Graphs

The art of conducting a fruitful guitar practice session is clearly a fine balancing act of a number of delicate elements.

Guitar Practice Pie Chart

We guitarists are always chasing that perfect tone through investing in thousands of dollars worth of boutique gear. But, how does your audience actully perceive your improved sound?

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Funny Guitar Statistics

Anyone who has watched the guitar case scene in the movie Desperado will be able to relate to this next pie chart. Just hope that airport security haven’t seen it…

Funny Guitar Meme

After you accidentally drop a guitar pick, you can just pick it up and start playing again, right? Wrong!

Guitar Pick Black Hole

Does anyone REALLY need a full-stack? It’s clearly all about looking like more of a badass, right?

Funny Guitar Jokes

We’ve all learned a song or two that we had zero interest in whatsoever, right? And the reason for doing so was fairly obvious…

Reasons To Learn Guitar Graph

The formula for the optimum number of guitars needed in your collection is clearly n+1. Where n is the number of guitars you have right now…

How Many Guitars Do You Really Need Graph

You want to play my guitar? Over my dead body…

Can I Play Your Guitar Graph

Why do we only ever seem to snap a guitar string at the most inopportune moments?!

Chances of Breaking a Guitar String Graph

And now a few funny guitar jokes just for us left handed players…

It’s always super-exciting when you purchase a new instrument. However, posting your fresh lefty guitar online will often result in a severe roasting from the right-handed majority…

Left Handed Pie Chart

What do you automatically think when you see a left handed guitarist out in the wild?

Left Handed Guitar Jokes

Right-handed players are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to guitars. However, spare a thought for the poor lefty that wanders into their local guitar store only to find this…

Left Handed Guitar Choice

By now I’ve run out of pie chart jokes, but here’s one last graph for you. Does anyone else feel that after a certain point, the better you get at playing guitar the less attractive you become to others?

Funny Guitar Sex Appeal Graph

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