Seagull Left Handed Guitars

Seagull Left Handed Guitars

Wondering what the story is when it comes to Seagull left handed guitars? Well, you’re in the right place!

In this article, you’ll learn a little about the company and you’ll discover exactly which guitars are offered as left handed models.

The brand was founded in 1982 by Robert Godin (who you might recognize as also being the owner of Godin Guitars), and is based in Quebec, Canada. The primary goal for the company was to take the fundamental parts of handmade guitars and create quality instruments that working musicians could still afford.

Seagull guitars are all made in Canada from start to finish using sustainable woods. Specifically, the brand is based in the small town of LaPatrie, which has a population of just 475 residents. According to Seagull, over half of these people are guitar builders – how amazing!

Does Seagull Make Left Handed Guitars?

Yes! At the time of writing, Seagull offers two left-handed guitars. This includes two variations of the award-winning and affordable Seagull S6 Original – one with and one without electronics.

Seagull Left Handed Guitars

Seagull S6 Original Left Handed

Seagull S6 Original Left Handed Guitar

Highly recommended in my Newbie Guide, the latest iteration of the award-winning Seagull S6 Original is an affordable solid-top dreadnought with great tone and smooth playability.

The combination of a pressure-tested solid cedar top and Canadian wild cherry body offers up a warm sound with plenty of articulation and projection. Seagull has slightly altered the standard dreadnought body shape to help cut down on overpowering bass tones and produce a guitar that is great for almost any playstyle or genre.

Check out the video below for a quick demonstration of some of the tones the S6 Original is capable of producing.

Another standout feature of the S6 is its integrated set neck which helps to offer increased tuning stability as well as reduce the likelihood of neck twisting and/or warping. Related post Is Humidity Ruining Your Guitar?

The tapered, 3+3 headstock design helps to increase tuning stability and also places less tension on the rest of the guitar.

A semi-gloss finish adds a smart aesthetic and level of protection without smothering the tone like a heavier gloss finish would.

You’ll notice that, unlike the right-handed model, the southpaw S6 Original does not come with a scratchplate, giving it a much cleaner aesthetic. However, if you would prefer one, you can order a scratchplate on the Seagull website.

  • Top : Solid Cedar
  • Back/Sides : Wild Cherry
  • Neck : Silver Leaf Maple
  • Fingerboard : Rosewood
  • Bridge : Rosewood
  • Nut & Saddle : TUSQ

Seagull S6 Original EQ Left Handed

Left Handed Seagull S6 Original EQ Acoustic

You probably won’t be astounded to hear that the only difference between this and the model above is the addition of onboard electronics!

The S6 Original EQ is equipped with Godin’s EPM Quantum 1T (Q1T) acoustic guitar system for great tone when you need to plug in. It features a handy built-in tuner as well as volume, treble, and bass controls.

The only other real difference between this and the S6 Original above is that this electro-acoustic model comes equipped with a scratchplate from the factory.

  • Top : Solid Cedar
  • Back/Sides : Wild Cherry
  • Neck : Silver Leaf Maple
  • Fingerboard : Rosewood
  • Bridge : Rosewood
  • Nut & Saddle : TUSQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What Artists Play Seagull Guitars?

The list of musicians who play Seagull guitars includes James Blunt, Peppino D’Agostino, Kim Deal, Michelle Lambert, Emm Gryner, and Michalis Hatzigiannis to name a few.

Where Are Seagull Guitars Made?

Seagull is very proud of the fact that all of their guitars are made in Canada, with none of the manufacturing being outsourced to other countries. Quite a rarity in this day and age!

Are Seagull Guitars Made By Godin?

Yes! Seagull is one of a few sub-brands from the Godin family. Other brands which are produced by Godin include Norman Guitars, Art & Lutherie, Simon & Patrick, and TRIC cases which help to protect your guitar against the effects of temperature and humidity.

For More Information:
Seagull Guitars Website

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