Strandberg Boden OS First Left Handed Run

It has been a long time since I was really ‘wowed’ by a new guitar, but a few weeks ago we became a Strandberg dealer at work

A few days after our first stock arrived I left the office and headed into the guitar store to check out some new Jacksons that had just arrived. Then something else caught my eye – a group of stunning Strandberg Boden OS fanned frets. I was already excited when I first heard we were getting them in, but after seeing them in the flesh it was love at first sight.

Strandberg Boden OS Righties

I picked one up and was instantly floored over how lightweight the guitar was.  Seriously, they weigh pretty much nothing. And the special Endur-Neck neck profile is truly something else! I’m well aware that the design isn’t for everyone, but these guitars really impressed me (as well as most everyone else at work!).

Naturally I was frustrated that these new production models weren’t available left handed. But today I got some good news…

Strandberg Boden OS Left Handed Guitars

The super exciting news is that Strandberg is trying to put together an initial run of left handed Boden OS guitars. And we get to choose what they make!

If you have any interest in being one of the first to get your hands on one, Strandberg has created a Facebook Group where you can discuss and vote on your preferred specs. For those without Facebook, you can find the voting form here. Although it looks as if you’ll need a Facebook account to keep on to date on the progress of these as the group is private.

Strandberg Boden OS Left Handed Guitars
The image above shows a few example specifications – see the form above for a full list of options

Available choices include:

  1. Number of Strings (6, 7 or 8)
  2. Pickup Brand
  3. Body Color
  4. Fretboard Wood

Once the voting is over, Strandberg will move to produce the top voted specifications. After the specs are finalised, at least 20 people will have to put down a deposit for the guitars to be made. Full terms and conditions are available on the Facebook Group page.

I’m excited – hope you are too! Here’s a great video review of the 7-string model which explains more about the guitars in detail.

For more information on the Boden OS Series:
Strandberg Website

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