BC Rich : Left Handed Guitar Models 2010

Time for another look at some more juicy left handed guitars.  This week we’re checking out the rather beastly BC Rich’s 2010 range of leftys.

Unfortunately BC Rich are one of the few brands who don’t really provide much in terms of left handed guitar options so this should be a fairly short article.  Although the mockingbird is a great design and personally I think the Exotic model is gorgeous we can’t help but wish for a better selection.

Mockingbird Special Left Handed Guitar

BC Rich Mockingbird Special Left Handed Guitar

These neck through guitars are scaled to 24 ¾” with a chunkier neck for that “Special” feel. With a deeply arched top, solid ½” maple caps, 5 ply binding and cloud inlays the Special has a classic appearance. Other features include a strategically positioned three way toggle switch, two volume and two tone controls, stop tailpiece and a tune-o-matic style bridge. and vintage specified Rockfield humbucker pickups. The Onyx features chrome pickup covers, complete white binding and chrome hardware.

Exotic Classic Mockingbird Left Handed Guitar

BC Rich Exotic Classic Mockingbird Left Handed Electric Guitar

An updated salute to BC Rich’s handcrafted history! Featuring their neck through design, Nato body and contrasting wood stringers, these guitars will appeal to rockers of all levels.

Features include: Ebony fingerboard with signature B.C. Rich cloud inlay, tune-o-matic bridge and Rockfield humbucker pickups. Koa with Maple stringers and Spalted Maple with Ebony stringers.

Obligatory Website Critique : The BC Rich website does have a feature to browse by dexterity which is great. However, rather than taking you to a page with the left handed guitar model the links take you to pages of the right-hand models.

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Please note that these ‘2010 Left Handed Guitar Guide‘ articles only feature models which are listed on the manufacturer’s 2010 website and as such other models may be available new or 2nd-hand depending on your location.
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  1. Frustrated Lefty
    Frustrated Lefty says:

    the bass player out of the Irish metal band Gamabomb said that he spoke to BC Rich in June or July of this year and in that same week that he called them they had just shut down production of left handed guitars – like totally Hasta la vista. Now he is playing a white Gaskell Explorer bass.

    • Neal
      Neal says:

      Yup, they stopped making lefty guitars a few months back. Gaskell has a BC Rich style 6-string electric also if that kind of out-there design is your bag.

  2. Bornstar
    Bornstar says:

    B.C. Rich still makes lefty guitars in special runs for dealers I believe.

    Xtreme Lefty guitars ordered 6 different models and are due to get them in sometime soon.
    Here is the post on the Lefty guitar forum
    Lefty ASM Pro Trans Red- 749.00
    Lefty Mockingbird ST TRD- 799.00
    Lefty Gunslinger Neon Green- 329.00
    Lefty WMD Warbeast- 699.00
    Lefty Son of Beast Avenge- 329.00
    lefty Warlock NJ Deluxe- 799.00

    I talked to Dave (david@xlguitars.com). He responded immediately and helped me pre order an ASM Pro via paypal. Customer service there is pretty awesome.

    Adirondack guitars also has the BC Rich NJ Deluxe warlock in lefty on order

    I also talked to Dennis, he said something along the lines of B.C. Rich would make then as long as the dealer will order a dozen. He was also very helpful in answering my questions.

    I hope this helps.


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