Top 25 Funny Guitar Fail Videos

Everyone loves a good fail video right? This week I spent some time trawling the furthest reaches of the interwebs (aka YouTube) in order to bring you lovely people 25 of the funniest guitar fail videos around. Can’t talk about left handed guitars ALL the time right? ;)

Most of these videos are of people falling over and/or hurting themselves whilst playing guitar, but there are also a few pranks and WTF moments thrown in for good measure.

These videos have been scaled down to keep the size of this article to a minimum, so be sure to hit the maximize button in order to see them all in their full embarrassing glory!

Guitar Spin Fail Videos

Let’s start of with the best of the best – you just cannot go wrong with recording your friends attempting to throw their guitars over their heads…

Air Guitar Fail Videos

Because you really should master the guitar god poses before moving on to the real deal…

Musicians Falling Over Fail Videos

Don’t go jumping around on stage too much unless you’re a qualified gymnast…

Celebrity Guitar Fail Videos

Because even veteran musicians can cock up sometimes…

Ready, set, recor…ah BOLLOCKS

Failing before you even start your video performance…priceless!

Guitar Prank Videos and WTF Content

Ah the good old wake your buddy up with amps at 11 trick!  And some bizarre masochistic dude…

Which was your favorite?  Leave a link in the comments section below if you want to share your own funny guitar videos…

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