Alhambra Left Handed Guitars Guide

Left Handed Alhambra Guitars

Take a look at the left handed classical guitars available from Spanish brand Alhambra, who specialize in Flamenco, Classical and other acoustic instruments.

Left Handed Guild Guitars

guild left handed guitars

Find out which left handed Guild guitars and basses are currently available. Pick from one southpaw acoustic as well as a lefty bass model.

Epiphone Left Handed Guitars

Left Handed Epiphone Guitars

Check out the current range of Epiphone left handed guitars and basses! Choose from 21 different instruments.

Fender Left Handed Guitars & Basses

Left Handed Fender Guitars

Check out our massive guide to find out which left handed Fender guitars and basses are available. New American Vintage II Series just announced!

Left Handed Gretsch Guitars Guide

Gretsch Guitars Left Handed Guide

Check out the current left handed Gretsch guitar range in this massive guide! Choose from 17 different models, from the affordable Streamliner range to the high-end Professional Collection.

Left Handed Kramer Guitars

Kramer Left Handed Guitars

Check out which left handed Kramer guitars are currently available. Choose from the Baretta, Striker HSS, Pacer Classic, and Nightswan models!

Charvel Left Handed Guitars

Charvel Left Handed Guitars

Check out the current range of left handed Charvel guitars, including models you won’t find anywhere else!

Left Handed DIY Guitar Kits

Left Handed DIY Guitar Kits

Looking for a left handed DIY guitar kit? Or a bass kit? Check out my top choices and find the ideal guitar project for your skill level.