Alhambra : Left Handed Guitars

Alhambra Guitars was founded in a small town in Spain in 1965 where they made a name for themselves producing finely crafted acoustic guitars. Although mainly known for their Classical and Flamenco guitars, Alhambra also produce standard steel-string acoustic guitars as well as more specialised instruments such as Bandurrias.

But what is the situation for left handed players?  As with many companies who specialise in acoustic instruments, Alhambra produce all of their guitars in a left handed option, and in many cases these options are customizable.  However, as these niche left handed guitars tend to be difficult to come by in stores you will more than likely need to special order your new guitar.

The Alhambra website lists a whopping SEVENTY different guitar models, each of which is available left handed.  As there are so many to choose from I won’t list them all here, but I will suggest that you head over to the website to see for yourselves what you have to choose from.

Alhambra left handed acoustic flamenco classical guitars

The Alhambra range will please all levels of guitar players as they offer affordable guitars aimed at beginners as well as master crafted high end instruments for seasoned professionals.  With such an impressive and well-made range of what are essentially niche guitars, Alhambra are a solid choice for all left handed players.

Alhambra Website

The Alhambra website is definitely above average when it comes to being lefty friendly.  Each individual guitar page alerts you to the fact that it is also available in a left handed version.  There’s nothing on the site to let you know that this is the case, but it quickly becomes apparent when browsing through each model.  Two thumbs up! :)

Wechter : Left Handed Guitars

Wechter Guitars was founded in 1984 in Seattle, Washington by owner Abe Wechter.  Abe has designed and built handmade guitars for many famous players including Al DiMeola, BB King and John McLaughlin to name a few, and has spent 9 years working as a model-maker and designer for none other than Gibson Guitars.  A solid portfolio has made Wechter one of the most well respected guitar designers in the world.

Wechter has a wide ranging selection of acoustic instruments, but unfortunately at present only the resonator models are available left handed.  However, considering that left handed resonator guitars are fairly tricky to come by this is no bad thing!  The guitars are very affordably priced which makes these an excellent choice for almost anyone looking for a quality left handed resonator.

Let’s take a look…

Wechter RS-6510R Left Handed Resonator Guitar

Wechter RS-6510R Left Handed Resonator Guitar Lefty

  • Premium Scheerhorn Cone
  • Mahogany Top
  • Mahogany Back and Sides
  • Nato Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Flush Maple Fret Markers
  • Dot Inlay
  • Ivory ABS Binding
  • Tobacco Sunburst Finish
  • Deluxe Hardcase included
  • $999 RRP

Mensinger : Left Handed Guitars Part2

Mensinger are a custom guitar and bass company based in Poland who produce some absolutely stunning handcrafted instruments.  Every guitar they produce is available left handed and each one is fully customizable within reason at a price that will blow you away…

If you already missed it, go and check out the Left Handed Mensinger Guitars Part 1 article to see some of the more traditional models.  This article will take a look at some of the more crazy designs to emerge from the Mensinger workshop.  Ever fancied a guitar which is also a bass?  Or perhaps a model which satisfies both your 6 and 7-string needs?  Mensinger probably have you covered… ;)

Again, the Mensinger website is only available in Polish so I have tried my best to translate a few basic details about each guitar.  To learn more I would recommend contacting Adrian at Public Peace (link below) for a speedy reply.

Mensinger Beast Left Handed Guitar

Mensinger Beast Left Handed Guitar Lefty

The Beast is one of the latest models from Mensinger which offers the combination of both guitar and bass to unlock a variety of different sonic possibilities.  The instrument is constructed in such a way that the guitar and bass have independent electronic circuits and input jacks which gives the possibility of separating the signals into two different amps.

Mensinger Columbia Lefty Guitar

Mensinger Columbia Left Handed Guitar Lefty

Regenerate Guitar Works : Left Handed Custom Bass Guitars

Regenerate Guitar Works was founded in 2006 in Washington, USA and specializes in building high quality custom bass guitars. In staying true to the company name RGW’s design plan is to sample established guitar designs and bring them into the 21st century through utilising modern materials and innovations.

RGW has a total of 4 different series’ of basses which come in a variety of different designs and a plethora of customisable options.  I have included a sample of the options list from the first guitar below but there are too many to list for every single one, so I encourage you to head to the RGW website to see exactly what is available. Anything you see on the site is available left handed, so let’s take a quick look at a summary of what is on offer from Regenerate Guitar Works.

Regenerate M Series Left Handed Bass Guitars

Recently introduced at winter NAMM 2011, the M Series is Regenerate Guitar Work’s top-shelf hybrid ergonomic body offering featuring Builder Select figured top and back and custom electronics.

Regenerate M Series Left Handed Bass Guitars Lefty

Specs include:
– Swamp Ash body core with figured Maple top
– Birdseye/Birdseye neck with 19mm bridge spacing
– Nordstrand Big Singles pickup set
– Nordstrand 2-band 18v preamp and passive tone
– Hipshot Type A bridge
– Hipshot Ultralight tuners

DBZ Guitars : Left Handed Guitars

DBZ Guitars introduced six stunning new left handed guitar models at Winter NAMM 2011 – check em out!

Fret King : Left Handed Guitars

A quick look at the range of left handed guitars available from Fret King in 2010. Check ’em out if you’re after a retro styled mid-range guitar.

Cort : Left Handed Electric Guitars

Cort Guitars is a guitar company who are located in South Korea. They are one of the largest guitar manufacturers in the world and produce instruments under their own brand name as well as for many other companies.

They have a great little selection of affordable left handed guitars in a wide variety of attractive designs and finishes. We’ll take a look at the electric models today, but stay tuned for a peek at their left handed acoustic and bass guitar range at a later date…

Cort KX1Q TE Left Handed Guitar

Cort KX1Q Left Handed Guitar in Tiger Eye Finish LEfty

BODY: Mahogany w/quilted maple top and Tigers Eye finish
NECK: Mahogany, Modern “C” Shape
FRETBOARD: Rosewood, 12″ Radius(305mm)
FRETS: 24 / Large (2.7mm)
SCALE: 25 1/2″ (648mm)
INLAY: Abalone dot
BRIDGE: Tone Pros Lic. Locking bridge (CAVR)w/string thru body
TUNERS: Die-cast
ELECTRONICS: 1 volume, 1 tone (w/push pull), 3way toggle
HARDWARE: Black Nickel

Cort M600 BBB Left Handed Guitar

Cort M600 BBB Left Handed Guitar in Bright Blue Burst Finish Lefty