Mensinger : Left Handed Guitars Part2

Mensinger are a custom guitar and bass company based in Poland who produce some absolutely stunning handcrafted instruments.  Every guitar they produce is available left handed and each one is fully customizable within reason at a price that will blow you away…

If you already missed it, go and check out the Left Handed Mensinger Guitars Part 1 article to see some of the more traditional models.  This article will take a look at some of the more crazy designs to emerge from the Mensinger workshop.  Ever fancied a guitar which is also a bass?  Or perhaps a model which satisfies both your 6 and 7-string needs?  Mensinger probably have you covered… ;)

Again, the Mensinger website is only available in Polish so I have tried my best to translate a few basic details about each guitar.  To learn more I would recommend contacting Adrian at Public Peace (link below) for a speedy reply.

Mensinger Beast Left Handed Guitar

Mensinger Beast Left Handed Guitar Lefty

The Beast is one of the latest models from Mensinger which offers the combination of both guitar and bass to unlock a variety of different sonic possibilities.  The instrument is constructed in such a way that the guitar and bass have independent electronic circuits and input jacks which gives the possibility of separating the signals into two different amps.

Mensinger Columbia Lefty Guitar

Mensinger Columbia Left Handed Guitar Lefty

Fret King Left Handed Guitars

Find out which Fret King left handed guitars are currently available. Check this brand out if you’re after a retro-styled mid-range guitar.

Larrivée : Left Handed Guitars

Larrivee Guitars offer their ENTIRE product range left handed at no additional cost – take your pick!