Ibanez 8-String RG8L Left Handed Guitar

Ibanez have long been calling themselves the first name in seven, and the leader in eight string guitars – despite having nothing but a couple of discontinued, incredibly hard to find models for us southpaws. But it looks like they’ll soon be making a little effort to correct this…

New Gretsch 130th Anniversary G6118TLH-LTV

In celebration of its 130th anniversary, Gretsch introduces a beautiful new left handed Professional Collection guitar—the G6118T-LTV 130th Anniversary Jr. model.

New Left Handed Fender American Vintage Guitars

It has been a while since Fender offered anything new to the left handed community, so how does four new higher end southpaw Fenders sound to you? Fender have recently revamped their American Vintage series and happily four of the models are available in a left handed version!

New Left Handed Ibanez TCM50LE & AS53L Guitars

Almost exactly a month ago Ibanez announced the new AFJ85L semi-acoustic, and now they’re back with two more lefty models! We spotted the new Talman TCM50LE acoustic and AS53L semi-acoustic on the Ibanez UK website – expect them soon!

NEW ESP LTD H-208 Left Handed 8-String Guitar

More new guitars for you today, this time from ESP who have just announced their very first left handed 8-string! The new H-208 is from ESP’s LTD brand and will be available in the coming autumn according to ESP UK. Read more about it here!

New Limited Edition Ibanez AFJ85L Hollow Body Guitars

It’s that time of year again when Ibanez begin to introduce some new limited edition models, and we’ve spotted the first one already. Fans of hollow body guitars will be glad to hear that Ibanez will soon be offering a left handed version of the AFJ85L!

New Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat 12-string Acoustic

Fender have just announced a few new acoustic guitar models for summer 2012, and one of them is a lefty! The Tim Armstrong Hellcat 12 is a 12-string version of the already very popular Hellcat 6-string model. Check out the specifications here.