Jimi Hendrix’s Epiphone FT-79 Sells For $258,000 at Auction

Jimi Hendrix Epiphone FT79

In 1967, Jimi Hendrix purchased a second-hand 1951 Epiphone FT-79 acoustic for the paltry sum of $25. Fast forward 50 years and that very same guitar has just sold at Bonhams auctioneers for $258,000 – over 10’000 times the original value.

7 Awesome Christmas Guitar Albums To Save Your Sanity

Christmas Guitar Albums

Every Xmas we get the same 10 damn festive pop songs on repeat. So to save your sanity, I’ve put together a list of 7 of the best Christmas guitar albums that you can enjoy, AND pick up a few tasty licks at the same time!

Fender Japan FSR Left Handed Stratocasters

Left Handed Fender Japan Guitars

Fender Japan has some really cool exclusive left handed guitars, but they are notoriously difficult to get a hold of in the west. This week I got news of some upcoming limited edition Japanese models – and this year they’ve included a couple of lefties!

Ibanez RG655L-CBM Prestige Left Handed Guitar

Way back in June of last year, Ibanez hinted on their Facebook page of a new left handed Prestige series guitar. And now, it finally looks as if this model will be coming our way! Find out more about the new RG655L-CBM here.

Strandberg Boden OS First Left Handed Run

Strandberg is trying to put together the first left handed run of their new production Boden OS guitars. And we get to choose what they make!