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It would seem that Fender has started to realise that us southpaws have enough Strats and Teles in our collections and are after something a bit different for a change.  Over the past year or two we’ve seen an increased number of left handed Fender offsets, and a handful of eagle-eyed readers have noticed a few more!

Chicago Music Exchange has quietly updated their listings to include a number of left handed Fender MIJ offsets in a range of awesome colors.

These guitars are all exclusive to Chicago Music Exchange, but I believe we’ll see more stores starting to serve up similar offerings. There has certainly been talk of ordering similar guitars at the store I work for here in the UK.

Left Handed Fender MIJ Offsets

Fender MIJ Left Handed Offset Guitars

Chicago Music Exchange currently has a range of guitars available for pre-order including Jaguars, Jazzmasters and Mustangs. All of the guitars feature matching headstocks, alder bodies, maple necks, rosewood fingerboards, and come with a Fender branded gig bag.

Personally i’m really digging the Flamingo Pink Jazzmaster!!

Visit the Chicago Music Exchange website at the link below. If you live outside of the USA you’ll need to change your location (at the bottom of the page) to USA in order to see all of the guitars.

For more information:
Chicago Music Exchange Lefty Offsets

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