Collings : Left-Handed Guitars, Mandolins and Ukuleles

Collings Guitars was founded in 1973 by Bill Collings and is based in Texas, USA.  The company produces a range of acoustic, electric and archtop guitars as well as a selection of mandolins and ukuleles.

Collings guitars are world renowned as being some of the finest instruments in the world, and as a result they are highly sought after.  The company is very lefty friendly, but due to their desirability you are most likely going to have to special order one if interested.

Collings Left Handed Guitars

The good news is that all Collings guitars are available to order in a left-handed version at no additional up-charge.  The sole exceptions are the F-style mandolins which carry an extra $150 fee for the lefty conversion.

Collings Left-Handed Guitars Lefty Mandolin Ukulele

The image above shows a small sample of a few of the instruments available from Collings, but be sure to check out their website for the full range.

Collings Website

Upon browsing through the Collings website you could be forgiven for thinking that the company don’t produce any left-handed instruments at all.  As is the case with many brand websites, Collings makes no mention anywhere about left-handed availability.  However their customer service is excellent and I quickly received friendly emails back answering all of my queries.

For more information:
Collings Guitars Website

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