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Mensinger are a custom guitar and bass company based in Poland who produce some absolutely stunning handcrafted instruments.  As with their electric guitar range every bass they produce is available left handed and each one is fully customizable within reason at a price that will blow you away…

Because every single instrument is hand-made, Mensinger encourages you to look at the standard instruments as a starting point for your own dreams and ideas.  If you see something you like get in contact with them and they should be able to build any model to suit your specific requirements.  For a custom, hand-built bass guitar the prices are incredibly impressive.  If you like a model as it is, check out the main distributor Public Peace (link below) for current left handed stock.

The Mensinger site is currently only available in Polish, so I’ve tried my best to give an adequate brief description of each model.  You’ll need to ensure your browser has some translation software built in before venturing over to the Mensinger website! Let’s take a look…

Mensinger Buzzaro Left Handed Bass Guitar

Mensinger Buzzaro Left Handed Bass Guitar Lefty

The Mensinger Buzzaro has a 34” scale length and comes with either an ash or mahogany body with an optional poplar top.  It is available as either a 4 or 5-string version with a choice of passive or active pickups.

Mensinger Cazpar Lefty Bass Guitar

Mensinger Cazpar Left Handed Bass Guitar Lefty

The Mensinger Cazpar is a shorter scale length (30”) bass which is perfect for players with smaller hands or for guitarists who want to dabble in the world of bass.  It is available in 4,5 and 6-string versions with either passive or active  pickups.

Mensinger Eagle Bass Guitar

Mensinger Eagle Left Handed Bass Guitar Lefty

The Eagle was designed after the curvaceous looks of the beautiful Columbia from Mensinger’s electric guitar range.  This guitar has a slim design and is available in either 4 or 5-string variations with a choice of active or passive pickups. It has an alder body with a flame maple top, and a maple neck with either maple of rosewood fretboards to choose from.

Mensinger Pike Bass Guitar

Mensinger Pike Left Handed Bass Guitar Lefty

The Pike is Mensinger’s most popular bass guitar due to the wide range of configurations available.  The Pike is available in 4, 5 and 6-string variations with a choice of active or passive pickups.

Mensinger Pike Monolith Bass Guitar

Mensinger Pike Monolith Left Handed Bass Guitar Lefty

Style meets function!  The Mensinger Pike Monolith uses a neck-thru design, ash body and poplar top.  It has a 34” scale length and their is a choice of either EMG or Bartolini pickups to allow for a versatile range of sounds.  Available in 4 or 5-string variations.

Mensinger Speesy Bass Guitar

Mensinger Speesy Left Handed Bass Guitar Lefty

The Mensinger Speesy was originally built for Christian Giesler, the bassist from German thrash metal group Wizard.  This guitar has a 32” scale length and consists of a maple body and neck with an ebony fingerboard.  A hot EMG pickup compliments its razor sharp looks.

For more information:
Mensinger Guitars Website
Public Peace Website
(main distributor)

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